South Yorkshire Programme.


Why South Yorkshire Immunology programme ?

The Sheffield Immunology training is based at the Immunology department in  Northern General Hospital (NGH). Department of immunology at Sheffield is one of the largest in the country and hosts:

  1. Dedicated Clinical Immunology and Allergy Unit (CIAU)
  2. Protein Reference Unit (PRU)
  3. UK National External Quality Assurance Scheme (UKNEQAS for Immunology) 

The CIAU at the NGH covers all areas of clinical allergy and immunology and runs clinics in primary and secondary immunodeficiency, drug and food allergy, allergen desensitisation and immunoglobulin replacement.

There is close liaison with the paediatric immunology team at Sheffield Children’s Hospital  with formal quarterly meetings with the paediatric immunologists to discuss difficult paediatric cases. There is also a formal clinical placement to paediatric immunology at Sheffield Children’s during training.

Applicants interested in visiting the departments are welcome to contact us.