CV / Portfolio.

All trainees will be expected to maintain an up to date CV. 

The CV must contain the following: -

  • title of post (including grade and specialty)
  • exact dates on which the post started and finished (day, month and year)
  • full time or part time, if part time, state number of sessions worked per week
  • duration of post, on a pro rata calculation of part time
  • name of hospital or centre, with full address
  • names(s) of supervising consultant (s)
  • an outline of duties undertaken, including the on-call rota e.g. 1:5 for general paediatrics

Any locum, LAT or FTSTA posts should be clearly indicated as such.

For any fellowship or research period that involved both research and clinical commitments, please state the number of sessions spent in each area per week.

Any significant periods of absence from the training programme involving several weeks or months e.g. maternity/paternity leave or long-term sick leave, should be indicated stating the exact dates (day, month and year) on which the leave started and finished.

Please note that all of these details are essential; do not simply refer us to Section 4 of your application form. The College office cannot proceed with your application if this information is omitted from your CV or if it conflicts with information in Section 4.

Towards the end of your training it is better for your CV to summarise individual areas of training under the headings of General Paediatrics, Neonatology, specialty areas etc rather than list your experience under the individual hospitals.

Careers support is available.


Trainees will be expected to register with the RCPCH and then will be allocated access to the HCAT website for completion of appropriate assessments.  All trainees are expected to maintain an ePortfolio and this will be assessed and marked in May/June of each year, in preparation for ARCPs.  Failure to maintain an adequate ePortfolio may result in failing your ARCP and not being allowed to progress on your training programme.  

Should you have any issues with ePortfolio, please contact

SpR Portfolios - not for run through training.

All SpR trainees are expected to keep an up to date portfolio of their training. Those trainees on the MSc course will be given a disk of the portfolio format. This can be obtained from the website below. Those not doing the MSc may download the portfolio directly from the website. ST4-8 trainees will have the option to move onto e-portfolios (see above). The School of Paediatrics strongly recommends that this is done.

Microsoft Office document icon Learning Portfolio Introduction

Microsoft Office document icon Learning Plan - Section A

Microsoft Office document icon Clinical Issues - Section B

Microsoft Office document icon Education Sessions Attended - Section C

Microsoft Office document icon Presentations & Teaching Sessions - Section D

Microsoft Office document icon Critical Incident Write-up - Section E

Microsoft Office document icon Audit - Section F

Microsoft Office document icon Research - Section G

Microsoft Office document icon Reflective Notes & Other Learning Experiences - Section H

Microsoft Office document icon General Reading - Section I

Microsoft Office document icon Curriculum Vitae - Section J

Microsoft Office document icon Annual Assessment Documentation - Section K

The portfolio must be brought to all RITAs either in paper format or on a laptop. It should be reviewed and formally checked by the Educational Supervisor (see RITA form, section 1.5). It is expected that portfolios will contain a selection including audits, interesting articles, clinical incidents, reflective sessions and research. Failure to bring an adequate portfolio to your RITA will result in the issuing of a RITA D.