All Paediatric TPDs can be contacted for questions and advice regarding training and rotations.

TPD Clinics are being held across the region.



Level 1 Trainees:

Email Dr Alia: to arrange an appointment


Level 2 East trainees:

Email Dr Baker:  Elizabeth.Baker@YORK.NHS.UK  to arrange an appointment.



South Trainees:

Dr Angela Oliver

Trainees can email for an appointment.



Level 1 West Trainees

Dr Thiyagesh

December:  10th 0900-1200

Contact me via my secretary to arrange an appointment.


TPD Clinics: HST West Trainees

Dr Kay Tyerman

Do you have a query regarding your training, need support or career advice?

I have several ‘TPD clinics’ over the course of the year where I’m available to meet trainees.  Please contact me via my secretary: Janet Thompson ( or 0113 3925583) to arrange a meeting.