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Morning Workshops

Title Facilitator Description
An Introduction to Stress Management Kevin Simmons

During these economically challenging times most NHS professionals may have been directly or indirectly affected by increased levels of stress within the workplace or at home.

This workshop is to help staff recognise symptoms of stress in themselves and develop techniques to manage and cope with these symptoms and more effectively.

The workshop will use a mixture of informational giving, discussion and practical work. The content and delivery of the workshops will be guided in part by the participants but specific aims could include the following:

  • ·              To increase knowledge and understanding of the nature of stress and the stress response
  • ·              To increase knowledge and understanding of how people deal with stress and change in the workplace
  • ·              To help staff recognise signs of stress in others and themselves
  • ·              To offer a tool-kit for staff to use at times of personal or professional stresses
  • ·              To signpost participants to other appropriate resources 
Experience-Based Co-Design workshop Liz Thorpe

The EBCD approach consists of six stages that includes, gathering experiences from patients and staff through in-depth interviewing, observations and identifying key ‘touch points’ (emotionally significant points).  A short edited film is created from patient interviews which are shared at a joint co-design event to help identify key service priorities.

Staff and patients then work in partnership in smaller groups to identify and implement activities that will improve the service or care pathway.

The aim of this workshop is:

  • To provide an overview of the theoretical perspective and current evidence about the approach
  • To walk you through the six stages of EBCD and provide hands-on experience of emotional mapping to understand the idea of ‘touch points’
  • To provide an opportunity to interact with patients that have been involved in a ‘real world’ EBCD project 

Come and find out about a unique way of improving patient experience using experience based co-design (EBCD). 

Improvisation and the Art of Quality Improvement Edd Crawley It has been observed that the skills used in the two disparate areas of Improvised comedy and Quality Improvement are actually the same skills deployed in a different way. To build upon this, improvised comedy has a range of core concepts which can be applied in a Quality improvement setting, and this session will aim to demonstrate this link and show that it is possible to improve the capability of QI practitioners through teaching some basic Improv skills and rules.
Introduction to Achieving Behaviour Change Dr Judith Dyson This workshop will give an insight into how behaviour change theory can be applied to patient safety priorities to identify and address barriers to behaviour change.

Afternoon Workshops

Title Facilitator Description
An Introduction to Coaching Dr Susy Stirling

Coaching is time to think.  A coach won’t judge you, or give you advice.  This means it is ok to talk about anything that you feel gets in the way of you doing your best at work. You can really think things through in a way that is different to talking things over with a friend, partner, TPD or Educational Supervisor - all people who tend to have another agenda for you.  A coach will support you, and challenge you if necessary, to help you reach a conclusion that is helpful and meaningful to you.

This session is an introduction to the foundations and key skills involved in coaching. This will be an interactive workshop giving participants the opportunity to practice key skills when communicating in a coaching style.

Flow Coaching Academy – Big Room Live Professor Tom Downes Tom will introduce you to the microsystems approach to quality improvement using the “Big Room” concept in this practical and interactive session.
What is Quality Improvement? Dr Anna Winfield I am pleased to offer an introductory session in quality improvement. This will establish the core concepts of quality improvement, explain the model for improvement, and provide participants with a basic understanding, allowing them participate in or lead their own quality improvement projects.
An Introduction to Mindfulness Dr Sanjay Suri & Chantil Calvert This workshop will provide an introduction to mindfulness theory, share in hospital initiatives to allow staff to gain access to mindfulness practice and offer a chance to experience mindfulness practice.