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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for SuppoRTT? 

SuppoRTT is available for all postgraduate doctors and dentists who have had a period of absence from training regardless of the reason, this may include:

  • Maternity Leave
  • Shared Parental Leave
  • Carers Leave
  • Out of Programme (Experience, Research, Training & Career Break)
  • Sickness
  • SAS/Trust Grade Doctors who have secured a training post (must provide clear evidence of acceptance)
  • Suspension (once your suspension has been completely lifted by the employer and GMC)
  • Doctors who have been accepted on a training programme but have deferred the start of their training (must provide clear evidence of acceptance). 

All out of programme trainees can access SuppoRTT Courses, but trainees must be out of programme for three months or more to access the whole programme.

Are there any courses for Educational Supervisors supporting returning trainees?

Yes. We have various courses provided by SuppoRTT for Educational Supervisors. You can see all faculty courses in the Faculty Development Brochure and book a place via Maxcourse.

Should all trainees have a supernumerary period?

We recommend that all trainees have at least three days supernumerary upon their return to work. If requested on the Initial Return Meeting form, SuppoRTT will fund these three days. Additional days can be requested, but a decision on any SuppoRTT funding beyond the standard three days is at the discretion of the Associate Deans for SuppoRTT. If the trainee feels that a supernumerary period is not necessary, the reasons for this should be clearly stated on the Initial Return Form. 

Should all trainees have an enhanced supervision period?

We recommend that all trainees have an enhanced supervision period of ten working days when returning to training. During this period, trainees should not be expected to be on-call or on night shifts. However, it is their choice should they wish to participate.