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Yorkshire and Humber
Professional Support in Yorkshire and Humber
For Postgraduate Doctors and Dentists in Training

The Professional Support team aims to provide postgraduate doctors and dentists in training (PGDiTs) with personal and professional support and development opportunities.

From problems with your health and wellbeing, behavioural or performance issues, developmental needs, or personal difficulties – we know that PGDiTs will experience a range of circumstances during their training for which they may need some extra support. The resources developed by the Professional Support team are here to provide you with the assistance and guidance you need during your training programme.

We believe that PGDiTs should be able to access support quickly, where they work. Because of this, we operate a devolved model of professional support, with Medical Education teams in our trust at the heart. PGDiTs should always visit their local Postgraduate Education Centres first when they need assistance. 

The Yorkshire and Humber Professional Support team are here to bolster this ‘first-line’ support, by providing you with a range of resources and activities, including coaching for a range of challenges or issues you may need to overcome; funded counselling services to support your health and wellbeing; support for your career development and progression; a programme of activities to give you the confidence to return to training safely after a period of time out – to name but a few!

If you have any questions about Professional Support, please do not hesitate to contact the team at: 

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