Welcome to the Health Education England, the Yorkshire and Humber Trainee Forum


We have currently formed the Trainee Excutive Forum and are in the process of setting up the rest of the forum. 




Applications for the Trainee Forum Executive are open from 10th August until midnight on the 6th September.

There are 10 positions available.  Details of each role are described in the PDF documents at the bottom of the page along with some outline information about the forum. 

The executive is the first step to setting up the trainee forum and the complete forum of 40 people will be formed in the new year, under the guidance of the Trainee Forum Executive.  Part of the role of the Trainee Forum Executive will be to develop a stratergy for how to manage recruitment to the forum both during the set up and for the long term.

If you accept a role on the Trainee Forum Executive you will also hold the role of your school representative for your level of training.

The details of how to apply are set out below and comprise of 3 items:


Spanish Music Video | Tiverton Primary School

1. Please submit a video of maximum 2minutes length answering the following questions:

  - What are you ideas for improving trainee engagement in Yorkshire and the Humber?

  - Why are you the best person for the role you are applying for?

The video can be presented in any way you choose.  You do not have to be 'on camera' and could choose to do a voice over for the video.  It must be your own work but you may have help with filming.  You may use images from other sources to illustrate your point.  These videos will not be published and will only be viewed by the team reviewing the applications. 

The file should be saved with a file name: {applicantfirstname}{applicantsurname}{video}.

This file should then be uplaoded to a google drive and shared with the following email addresses: traineeforum.yh@hee.nhs.uk and yhwebinar@gmail.com.  Please ensure that full permissions are given to allow us to view this.  If you don't have a google drive this is quick and easy to set up through the google webpage.


2. A strategy proposal

On one side of A4, presented in any way you like, please provide either: 

  • a proposal for how you would address dissemination of information to trainees in the Yorkshire and humber region or
  • a proposal for how you would recruit trainees to the trainee forum both during the initial set up and on an ongoing basis.

This file can be sent as a word, excel, powerpoint, publisher or image file. This file should be saved with the file name: {applicantfirstname}{applicantsurname}{proposal}.

3. Mini CV 

On one side of A4 please provide us with your personal details including contact details and state the top 3 things you'd like us to know about that support your application: these can be achievements, skills you have, things you are proud of or anything else you think strengthens your case.  These piece can be presented in any way you would like but please describe these 3 things in no more than 100 words for each item.  

The personal details we require on your mini CV are: Name, email address, phone number, postal address, GMC number, specialy and grade.

This file can be sent as a word, excel, powerpoint, publisher or image file.  The file should be saved with a file name: {applicantfirstname}{applicantsurname}{CV}


Submitting your application:

  • Please email traineeforum.yh@hee.nhs.uk
  • The subject of your email should be: {firstname} {surname} {role(s) applied for}. 
  • Please state in the email if you would be willing to accept a deifferent role to the one you have applied for. 
  • A link to the uploaded video should be included in the body of the email.
  • The stratergy proposal and mini CV should be submitted as attachements to the email.