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Professional Skills Courses 

NHS England Yorkshire and Humber has developed a range of courses for Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs), as well as trainers and SAS doctors. The Professional Skills offering (formerly called 'Generic Skills') aims to provide access to non-clinical personal and professional development courses which support and enhance good medical practice.

In addition we provide a Careers Support Service via designated Associate Postgraduate Deans.

Skills To Create An Inclusive Culture And Challenge Microaggressions
We all deserve to feel safe, respected and valued at work. Recognising and responding to issues that undermine a culture of belonging and psychological safety is an important part of our training as healthcare professionals and leaders. Our personal experiences of diversity training have been that it is not specific to the dynamics of NHS workplaces. We recognise that challenging authority is difficult, but can be especially so when that authority can have very real impacts on training and opportunities. This course will offer a chance to reflect on your workplace culture. For more information and dates, please see Maxcourse.


Leadership for Clinicians Early in their Careers

Clinical leadership is a key element in all curricula and has been demonstrated to improve patient care.

NHS England Yorkshire and Humber are running a free one-day virtual course for doctors in the region. Courses will be delivered by current clinicians and educators.

The course is aimed at postgraduate doctors of the following grades: CT/ST1-4, GPST1-4

This course will be most relevant to those who have little experience of leadership training in the past. This will be an interactive, reflective day providing an understanding of clinical leadership and its role within the NHS.

For dates, more information see the course flyer and Maxcourse where you can also book your place.

Leadership & Management courses are available for postgraduate doctors at grades ST5+ and SAS doctors.

Available Courses

The Professional Skills offer includes the following courses. For more information about these courses or to book, please see Maxcourse.

Where indicated on Maxcourse some courses are open to SAS doctors. Consultant trainers are able to attend the Training the Trainers courses. Otherwise, courses are strictly intended for doctors in training with a Yorkshire and Humber National Training Number.

Leadership for Clinicians Early in their Careers
Aimed at ST1-4 doctors, this interactive and reflective course provides an understanding of clinical leadership and its role within the NHS.

Leadership & Management (3-day course)
Aimed at doctors in higher specialty training, this course provides insight into leadership in the NHS and the opportunity to develop leadership skills and confidence.

Training the Trainers (2-day course)
Aimed at doctors in higher specialty training and trainers, this course equips participants with knowledge and skills to support their roles in medical education.

Interpersonal Communication Skills (2-day course)
Communication in the Real World (2-day course)
These communications skills courses, aimed at doctors in higher specialty training, explore communication challenges and difficult conversations and provide opportunities to practice a range of communication skills.

Medical Ethics
Aimed at doctors in higher specialty training, this interactive course equips participants with tools to identify, analyse and resolve medical ethical dilemmas.

Writing for Publication
Aimed at doctors in higher specialty training, this course explores the process of writing a scientific paper and is especially suitable for Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs)
who wish to develop confidence regards writing for peer reviewed journals.

The Consultant/Fellowship Interview
CV Applications & Interviews

Aimed at doctors in higher specialty training, these courses help Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs) to understand recruitment processes, and common application and interview questions, and help improve their application strategies and interview techniques.

To be announced
We are also working with providers to offer the following courses in 2023-24 as part of our Professional Skills offer. Please check Maxcourse regularly for new course listings:

  • Making the Transition to Consultant
  • Research Skills
  • Legal Issues
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Human Factor in Patient Safety

Delivery method: Face to Face

The FLP faculty of Human Factors invites teams of healthcare professionals to attend these one-day training events for improved patient safety in Yorkshire and Humber. The interactive courses are inter-professional education opportunities for teams of any specialty, area, or background to explore and expand their interest and understanding of Human Factors in healthcare.

Areas covered include:

  • What is meant by Human Factors
  • How Human Factors impact on patient safety
  • How Human Factors can be managed for best effect
  • Human Factors in context of healthcare initiatives such as SBAR, checklists and brief/defrief
  • How to use this understanding to make everyday practice safer

Course duration: 1 day

To view course information and book this course, please visit the online booking system MaxCourse (please click on this link) and create your user account, following the instructions below: 

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Skills To Create An Inclusive Culture And Challenge Microaggressions

This course will offer a chance to reflect on your workplace culture. We will discuss challenging scenarios from real life experience in a supportive environment. You will have the opportunity to share scenarios that you have witnessed, for example when you have heard a micro-aggression or felt uncomfortable challenging someone in the workplace. We will discuss these scenarios in small groups and practice how to apply a structure for how to challenge injustice. You will have the opportunity to act out different ways of approaching these scenarios with our talented actor, if you wish. This allows you to practice your skills within a safe and supportive environment. A variety of scenarios will be discussed providing all attendees with the opportunity to apply the structure to different situations.

For course dates and to book, please see Maxcourse.

Curriculum Delivery

Please visit the Curriculum Delivery page in our policies for details in relation to eligibility and the process for financial reimbursement.