Our coaching programme is open to all Yorkshire and Humber trainees along with our Senior Educators / Trainers







What is coaching?

Coaching is a conversational approach that provides you with time for you to think. Your coach won’t judge you, or give you advice. This means it is ok to talk about anything that you feel gets in the way of you doing your best at work. You can really think things through in a way that is different to talking things over with a friend, partner, TPD or Educational Supervisor - all people who tend to have another agenda for you.  Your coach will support you, and challenge you, if necessary, to help you reach a conclusion that is helpful and meaningful to you.

You can have up to six sessions of free coaching. For some people one or two is enough, for others they may wish to access all six.  Either is fine. Sessions are usually between 60 and 90 minutes each. You will get the most out of your coaching experience if you have all your sessions within a 6-month window. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, we just notice that people get more benefit if they commit to it, rather than let it drift over a longer period of time. 

Your sessions are completely confidential - your coaching is nothing to do with your performance in training, or your ARCP. 

Coaching is a normal professional activity in other high-responsibility jobs.  The GMC and Royal Colleges recognise its benefits and coaching appears in many curricula.

To find out more about what Coaching is and how it might benefit you, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Further information about accessing coaching and becoming a coach can be found via the links below.


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If you have any questions about our coaching programme, please contact us at: coaching.yh@hee.nhs.uk.



Coaches - Registration and Log in

Coaches -

Providing you have attended the HEE Y&H 7-day Coach Training Programme, and hold an educational role in HEE Y&H (Educational or Clinical Supervisor, Training Programme Director, Associate Dean) please click here to register as a HEE Coach. 

Once you have registered as a Coach and your account has been approved please click here to log in to your account.

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Coaches - CPD and Supervision Requirements

Our coaches are required to attend a minimum of two CPD/Supervision events per year.  Coaching CPD sessions are detailed on Maxcourse 

Some of the popular sessions we run:

Coaching CPD Supervision Day

This is aimed at coaches who are actively engaged in coaching centrally for HEE or more locally in their own organisations, and who may be engaged in completing/or have completed an ILM Certificate or other coaching qualification or accreditation. We will be working in small supervision groups of around 6 participants who commit to bringing aspects of their practice, to look at with an experienced coach. The aim if for the groups to meet for half a day around three times a year. Coaches will also complete a half day CPD session, looking at more advanced coaching tools and techniques. This could be to explore challenges, successes, or be curious about themes and patterns that crop up in their coaching practice.

Virtual Coaching Clinics


Do you have a tricky coachee?

Have you forgotten how to do the ‘meta mirror’?

Are you getting drawn into the story?

Then you'll find our clinics really helpful.

These short webinars are your opportunity for a quick booster or some troubleshooting. It’s a chance to ask advice (yes advice!) on your coaching, pick each other's brains, and get some great ideas you can use right away.

If you are an HEE Y&H Coach you may wish to check the NHS North East and Yorkshire Leadership Academy Coaching Offer or sign up to their newsletter.  They run a regular programme of events you are free to attend. https://www.nelacademy.nhs.uk/coaching-and-mentoring.

How do you become a coach?

The best way to become a coach is through well-devised training followed by a lot of practice and supervision.  Anyone can call themselves a coach and at present the profession is not regulated.   However all our HEE Y&H coaches have undergone a training programme and assessment, plus continue to attend CPD and supervision. 

Training as an HEE Y&H Coach


Nine cohorts of educational supervisors have already been trained to be coaches on the 7-day coach training programme run for us by SquareStar Ltd. and Matt Driver Consulting.

Coaching Skills

The documents below contain the outline of the course, and the reading list, for information.

Programme Briefing Pack

Reading List

Application process

Applications are now closed but please keep an eye on our website or contact the team via coaching.yh@hee.nhs.uk if you are interested in making an application in future.  

This is a competitive application process due to a limited number of spaces available so please make sure you consider this when completing your application.  Please ensure you can commit to all 7 days before submitting an application.

Please note: Applicants must have an educational role within HEE to be eligible to apply.

Coaches - Video Guides

HEE Explainer - Coaching Log 


Coaches - useful links and documents
Coaching Code on Practice including Ethical Framework

For the Coaching Code of Practice including Ethical Framework please click here