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Future Leaders Recruitment

The Future Leaders Programme offers opportunities for Health Education England Yorkshire and the Humber medical and dental trainees to do a one year “out of programme experience” (OOPE) Leadership Fellowship to help grow and develop their personal leadership skills. Some Leadership Fellow vacancies are open to other healthcare professionals, such as nurses, allied health professionals, pharmacists, health care scientists, and SAS doctors and dentists. 

Vacancies for the 2024 Future Leaders Programme will be published in the vacancies section below following the bids process.

The next round of recruitment for Future Leaders will be for the August 2024 cohort. Please see the timeline below for more details.  

For further information about the Future Leaders Programme, please visit the Future Leaders website.

2024-2025 Recruitment

The application window for the 2024-25 cohort opens on Monday 6th November and closes at 4pm on Wednesday 29th November). Please see below for the full timeline. 

Application instructions are available in the vacancies section below. A link to the full vacancy information for 2024-25 will also be available through the vacancies section from Monday 6th November.

Enquires: For general recruitment and fellowship enquires, please email: For enquires about specific vacancies and to apply, please see the vacancy lead contact.


Are you thinking of applying to the FLP?

We are delighted to hear you are interested in leadership.

To support you as you prepare for interview, you may find the following helpful:

  1. Read the HEE application guidance - this gives some useful advice on how to present yourself at interview.
  2. Prepare some interview ‘stories’ about your experience, skills and attitude, which you can use as examples in response to interview questions.  Remember these are not ‘stories’ in that they are fictional, they are ‘stories’ because they are engaging narratives describing your experience.  The ‘STAR’ approach (Situation, Task, Action, Result) is one framework you might use for structuring your responses. 
  3. If you do not already have a coach, you may wish to arrange some sessions through the HEE coaching offer prior to any interviews to help with this preparation. 
  4. Please look out for our FLP recruitment open evening which will be held in the Autumn.  The date, once confirmed, will be updated on this webpage. The event will also be publicised via HEE's social media channels:

Recruitment Timeline

The next round of recruitment for Future Leaders will be for the August 2024 cohort. Recruitment is expected to follow the timeline below.

Bid applications open: 3 July 2023

Bid applications close: 17:00 23 August 2023

Bids shared with panel: 1 September 2023

Panel scores submitted: 27 September 2023

Bid review panel: 18 October 2023

Panel feedback by: 25 October 2023

Draft adverts sent to bidders: 1 November 2023

Applications open:  Monday 6 November 2023

Applications close: 4pm on Wednesday 29 November 2023

Shortlisting window: 30 November to 8 December 2023

Interview window: 18 December 2023 to 8 January 2024

Verbal offers made by: Wednesday 10 January 2024

Appointments confirmed by: Wednesday 24 January 2024

Applications for OOPE (for medical, dental and Public Health trainees only) submitted by: 5 February 2024

For those in substantive posts, please apply for a secondment as soon as possible, as backfill for your post may need to be arranged.

Successful applicants start in post: 7 August 2024

*Please note that these dates may be subject to change


The Future Leaders programme is open to:

  • Medical Specialty Trainee (ST3/CT3/GPST2+ by programme start date)
  • Dental Specialty Trainee (StR by programme start date)
  • Public Health Registrars (ST3+ by programme start date)
  • Candidates in professions other than medicine should be band 6 or 7 with minimum 3 years experience in the role, and should be working for an NHS employer within Yorkshire and the Humber, including:
    • Nurses
    • Allied Health Professionals
    • Pharmacists
    • Healthcare Scientists (e.g. Biomedical or Clinical Scientists) 
    • Biomedical Scientist / Healthcare Scientist
    • Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) Doctors

Individual Future Leader posts may specify additional criteria. The prospective staff groups and specific requirements for each post are outlined in the relevant Person Specification in the vacancies section. Applicants should check their eligibility against these requirements and the person specification before applying.

All applicants must be registered and in good standing with the appropriate professional body.

In order to ensure as many healthcare professionals as possible have an opportunity to benefit from the programme, current or previous Leadership Fellows are not eligible to apply.

Doctors, public health registrars and dentists in training only

You must hold a Yorkshire and the Humber NTN and have a satisfactory ARCP outcome by the programme start date. 

All other applicants 

You must currently be in a substantive healthcare role working for an NHS employer, and not in a senior leadership position. Healthcare professionals currently in bank work, a locum position or working through any other agency are not eligible.

Physician Associates

Physician Associates who are on the Physician Associate Managed Voluntary Register (PAMVR) within the Faculty of Physician Associates (RCP), are eligible to apply. You should be up to date with the revalidation examination process and undertake annual appraisal.

Right to Work - Tier 2 / Skilled Worker Visa

Doctors, Public Health Registrars and Dentists who are sponsored for visa purposes by NHS England (formerley Health Education England) are eligible to apply. If you have any questions regarding your sponsorship please contact our team via

All other applicants requiring sponsorship are only eligible to apply if their current sponsor is willing to continue their sponsorship for the duration of the programme. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there is a minimum level of experience I should have to apply?

Candidates in professions other than medicine should be band 6 or 7 with minimum 3 years’ experience in the role.

Can I apply if I am employed at Band 8a?

Providing you do not have significant leadership experience (i.e your current role is primarily clinical), yes. 8b-d are not eligible.

Can I apply if I am a medical photographer?

Medical photography sits under the clinical field of healthcare science. Providing you are educated to degree level and are registered with a professional body you can apply.

Can I apply if I am a Physician Associaite?

Physician associates who are on the Physician Associate Managed Voluntary Register (PAMVR) within the Faculty of Physician Associates (RCP), are eligible to apply. You should be up to date with the revalidation examination process and undertake annual appraisal.

Can I apply if I am from another professional background?

If you work in a clinical field of healthcare science, providing you are educated to degree level, and are registered with a professional body you can apply but please enquire if this is unclear.

Can I apply if I work Less Than Full Time (LTFT)?

Working LTFT should not be a barrier to applying for the FLP. Irrespective of the fellows working pattern the programme is fixed-term appointment for 12 months. It may be possible for you to make adjustments to the job role to allow for reduced working hours and ensuring the demands are more manageable. We have had several fellows who have successfully undertaken the leadership programme on a LTFT basis ranging from 50-80% LTFT and we are keen to make the programme available to a broad range of staff that is reflective of different peoples working patterns.

Can I apply if I work outside Yorkshire & Humber?

Unfortunately these opportunities are for healthcare professionals within the Yorkshire and Humber region only.

Can I apply for a post at a different trust?

If you are in a substantive NHS post, you will need to ensure your current employer is happy to release you on a secondment. What is a substantive post? A permanent contract of employment within an NHS organisation.

If you are a doctor or dentist in training, you can also apply for a post at a different trust but you will need to apply for an OOPE (out of programme experience).

Can I apply for a post that is outside my speciality?

Yes, you can. All projects will provide the opportunity to develop transferrable leadership skills.

My clinical training rotation does not coincide with the start of the FLP, can I start the FLP later/earlier?

Unfortunately, the start date for the FLP cannot be flexed to fit with programme rotation dates. We feel that it is important that all FLPs start at once to create a cohesive and supportive cohort.


All vacancies will follow the recruitment timeline above.

 To apply for a vacancy:

  • Please email a fully completed application form (Word or PDF) and your CV to the Application Contact given in the vacancy description. Please ensure you include the post reference on your application and in the subject line of your email. [Please save the form before starting to complete it.]

All vacancies starting 7th August 2024 are availble to view here. Click the link to see the Job Description and Person Specification for each.

Please note that the closing date for applications is strictly Wednesday 29th November at 4pm. 

Shortlisting and Interviews

Shortlisting and interviews are coordinated by the Lead Contact for each vacancy with guidance from the Future Leaders team. The interview window is given in the timeline above. Specific interview dates for each vacancy are included in the descriptions in the vacancies section. Interview venues will vary depending on the vacancy, and the specific interview venue will be given in the interview invitation.

Applicants invited to interview will be required to bring photographic ID (normally a Passport or Drivers Licence) when they attend. Any other documents you will need to bring with you, will be included in the interview invitation.

Offers and Appointment

Following interview, feedback and verbal offers will be made by the Lead Contact. The Lead Contact will also notify the Future Leaders recruitment team about the successful applicant. The successful applicant will then be sent a formal appointment letter by the recruitment team. The appointment letter will confirm details about the Future Leaders Programme, the post, and your employment.

Doctors, public health registrars and dentists in training only:

After accepting an offer for the Future Leaders Programme, trainees will need to apply for approval for a period Out Of Programme (OOP).

Employment arrangements

Future Leaders vacancies are funded by NHS England. However, Leadership Fellows are not employed by NHS England and the employer will vary depending on the vacancy and the staff group of the successful applicant. The employer may be distinct from the host organisation or be based in a different location from the past.

Any questions regarding NHS service and contract arrangements should be directed to the nominated employer or current employer. Employment arrangements and contacts will be confirmed on appointment.

Doctors, public health registrars and dentists in training only

You will be employed by the nominated employer for the vacancy. This includes doctors currently undertaking a Public Health training programme. Terms and conditions are similar to an existing trainees terms and conditions.

All other applicants in substantive posts

You will be appointed on a secondment basis. As such you will continue to be employed by your current organisation for the duration of the Future Leadership Programme. Any secondment must be agreed by your current employer. Applicants should therefore consider discussing the opportunity with their organisation at the time of application.

OOPE applications (Doctors, public health registrars and dentists in training only)

Doctors, public health registrars and dentists in training who are offered a Future Leaders post, will need to apply to their Training Programme Director for approval for a period Out Of Programme - Experience (OOPE). As the programme is an OOPE opportunity, it does not count towards CCT / CCST.

OOP applications must be submitted 6 months prior to the OOP start date. To avoid delays, candidates should apply promptly after appointment to the Future Leaders Programme. Please see the Training Guidance webpage for information about the OOP approval process. 

Trainees should discuss OOP opportunities with their TPD before applying.

Academic trainees

Academic trainees are generally not able to undertake OOPE, but this is at the discretion of HEE and the NIHR TCC. Academic trainees should consult the NIHR TCC website and discuss the opportunity with their Academic Supervisor before applying.

Additional Information

For further information about the Future Leaders Programme, please visit the Future Leaders website.

Less Than Full Time or Part-time workers

Less Than Full Time (LTFT) trainees or part-time workers are encouraged to apply for the Future Leaders Programme. Please contact the Future Leaders Support Team and the Lead Contact for the vacancy to discuss whether the post would lend itself to LTFT / part-time working. Some posts may be more suitable than others. 

Please be aware that the Leadership year is a very busy and full one and includes the additional demands of a Postgraduate Certificate.  While, an extension may be possible on a case by case basis, all leadership posts are funded for 12 months only, irrespective of the post holders' working pattern.

Locum or bank work

Fellows must be mindful of the fact that they are employed to undertake a Fellowship and that is their primary responsibility.  Normal hours of work should be clarified at the outset of the year with the Fellow’s Educational Supervisor.

It is not permissible to undertake any other form of employment during normal hours of work.  Undertaking additional/alternative employment during normal work hours of a Fellowship is fraudulent behaviour and Fellows doing so may be subject to disciplinary procedures by their employer, Health Education England and their professional regulator.

Some Fellows express concern at spending a year away from clinical work and may wish to take steps to mitigate this concern and maintain their skills, e.g. through locum or bank work. Locum or bank work is permitted as long as it is undertaken in a Fellow's own time, i.e. during evenings, weekends or annual leave. Locum or bank work must not interfere with a Fellows’ ability to carry out their Fellowship role.

All Educational Supervisors and Fellows need to sign the locum/bank work agreement form by the end of August.

All Fellows must declare any clinical work undertaken at the end of their Fellowship year.  

Doctors, public health registrars and dentists in training - Fellows must declare all locums undertaken on their Form R, as this is the formal record of their whole scope of practice.


HEE's contribution will be based upon the fellow's base line salary of their substantive role (ST grade or AfC banding).

Hosting a Leadership Fellow

Specialty schools and Local Education Providers are able to bid to host a Leadership Fellow. Organisations wishing to host a Leadership Fellow will need to submit a bid application and actively participate in recruitment. Future Leader Fellowships are funded for 12 months only. Any organisations which have previously hosted a Leadership Fellow, will need to submit a new bid if they wish to host another Fellow. 

The bid process takes place once a year. The next bidding round will be for the August 2024 Future Leaders Programme.

Bids may be either funded 100% by Health Education England, or funded 50% by NHS England and 50% by an LEP/another organisation. School bids are 100% funded by NHS England. Fellows in 100% funded posts are expected to undertake work across the Yorkshire and the Humber region, or undertake work that will be disseminated across this geography.

Bids from other organisations are funded 50% by NHS England and 50% by the LEP/organisation. Fellows in these posts can undertake work specific to that LEP, although LEPs are encouraged to share learning across the region where appropriate.

Recruitment Arrangements

The Future Leaders recruitment team will advertise all posts on this website and co-ordinate the recruitment process. Bidders are responsible for promoting their posts within their school/organisation or wider. The strongest field of applicants tends to be generated when bidders promote their posts widely through presentations at training days and educational events. Bidders are also responsible for shortlisting and interviewing applicants.

In their bid application organisations will be asked to identify an Educational Supervisor to support the Leadership Fellow. Once an applicant is appointed, the Educational Supervisor should contact the new Leadership Fellow to confirm the start date and base location, and to organise a project specific induction. All Leadership Fellows will be invited to attend a programme induction organised by the Future Leaders support team.