Contact details for our Teams are listed below:

Team What We Do Contact Number Email Address
Portfolio Management Office Supporting the running of the Deanery and the Postgraduate Dean. This includes event development and delivery, performance monitoring and management, compliance, risk management, complaint management, overarching postgraduate doctor and dentist workstreams (i.e inter-deanery transfers and redeployment). 0113 2952280
Foundation School


A day in the Foundation Directorate is always different. Yorkshire and Humber Foundation School (YHFS) consists of 3 “groups”, East, West and South Yorkshire and is managed by the Foundation Directorate team, based in Hull. We have a very large geography with the largest hospital sites being in Hull, Leeds and Sheffield. We work with numerous stakeholders across the region, and nationally, including the GMC, UKFPO, numerous trusts, GP practices, Medics Academy, other Foundation Schools and local Medical Schools and Universities. We are responsible for the recruitment and training of new Foundation doctors, allocation to programmes within trusts, Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA), Less than Full Time Training (LTFT), transfers, extensions, sponsorship, annual assessment process (ARCPs) and organising events, Away Days and our Specialised Foundation Programme Presentation Day. We have some innovative new posts including Entrepreneurship, AI, Generalism, SIM and GP LIFT posts, with some offering the opportunity to complete a PG Cert. With expansion in 2023, we now have 744 two-year linked posts (626 Foundation, 37 Foundation Priority Programmes and 81 Specialised Foundation Programmes) totalling 1488 posts for FY1 and FY2.

01482 421180
Dental School The Dentistry Directorate support all dentists in postgraduate training programmes including arranging their placements, RCP and study day programme. Additionally, we support the Dental Therapist Foundation Training programme.We also arrange courses for Dentists and Dental Care Professionals to enable their continued professional development 0114 3991972
Recruitment Team

The Recruitment Team coordinates the advertisement, longlisting, shortlisting, interviews and appointments to a range of local and national specialties. This includes Academic recruitment (excluding Clinical Lecturers), Specialty recruitment, Dental recruitment and Future leader recruitment (Foundation and Academic Foundation recruitment is managed by a separate team).

Can be found here Can be found here
Specialty School The Specialty Training Programmes (STP) Directorate supports Postgraduate Doctors in training in eleven different Schools (excluding Dentistry, Foundation and Primary Care) within Yorkshire and the Humber. This encompasses arranging rotations, facilitating the annual assessment process (ARCP), supporting and arranging the recruitment of the aligned clinical faculty and the facilitation of a number of other elements, including Out of Programme (OOP), Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT) and Acting Up. 0113 295 2088
Primary Care School

The Primary Care School (PCS) Directorate supports the delivery of the General Practice programme. Our programme support team is split into three areas aligned to the core responsibilities of the School.

Please contact the team you feel is most related to your enquiry:

Annual Assessment Process (ARCP) – Organisation of the ARCP process

Placements -  Rotation management, inc Out of Programme(OOP), Less than Full Time Training (LTFT), Inter Deanery Transfers (IDT)

Training Support - Organisation of the School teaching programme, professional and exam support.

0113 887 1594

Training Support:  




The Revalidation Directorate supports the revalidation of over 6000 Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs)  as well as liaising with the GMC in relation to investigations and requests.  We are also responsible for organising Annual Assessment (ARCP) appeals and dealing with complaints from PGDiTs and Faculty. 

0772 1110921

Learner Support and
Faculty Development

Learner Support and Faculty Development Team make a positive difference for our doctors in training by providing access to professional support, coaching, leadership training, together with advice on study leave and regional teaching and much more!

They also provide a range of support for our faculty, including bespoke training for Educational Supervisors and Training Programme Directors”.

0113 887 1587

Yorkshire and Humber
Sponsorship team

Support NHSE Sponsored Postgraduate Doctors/Dentists in Training working in Yorkshire and the Humber Please email at:


If you are not able to find the contact details you need or are unsure of who to contact please email or call the Portfolio Management Office.