Dr Peter HammondWe cater for trainees in all of the medical specialties from the end of Foundation (ST1) through to the completion of training and the acquisition of their CCTs (Certificates of Completion of Training).


A message from the Head of School - Dr Peter Hammond   As well as being a Physician in Harrogate I am Head of School (HoS) for Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber School of Medicine, which has three Offices (Hull, Leeds and Sheffield) - each situated near to major teaching hospitals and Medical Schools. There is a local Deputy HoS in each area –Dr Trevor Rogers (Sheffield), Dr Ian Wilson (Leeds) and Professor Sunil Bhandari (Hull).

We are one of the largest Schools in the UK and with approximately fifty training programmes we are able to provide comprehensive training across the whole range of specialties, as well as catering for individual requirements.  Rotation between hospitals is important to broaden clinical experience, and we generally aim to provide rotations between smaller and more peripheral hospitals as well as the larger, central teaching hospitals. These rotations are usually confined to one of the three localities, to ease travelling and domestic arrangements for the trainees. Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber has supported the development of intensive PACES courses (with mock examinations) in each locality, with excellent trainee feedback. It has also invested large sums of money (in excess of £20M) in the provision of Clinical Skills Centres in all of our largest hospitals, with a full range of simulation equipment, and with funding of Simulation Fellows to maximise utilisation of these facilities. I hope that you are encouraged to pursue your medical training in this part of the country.

Our responsibilities

Schools have been established, around the country, to work in liaison with the Royal Colleges and the hospital trusts, to deliver the new curricula to the highest possible standard (monitored by the GMC). Our structure includes Training Programme Directors (TPDs) for each medical specialty, who chair Training Committees containing representatives from each hospital, plus trainee representatives. We have a forum that brings together all of these trainee representatives on a regular basis to meet with the School Officers and Administrators, more fully described in our 'Trainee' section. The training is underpinned by our Systems of Induction, Appraisal and Annual Review (ARCP), together with workplace-based assessments and use of the e-portfolio. We consider this website to be a vital link in the communication between the School and our trainees (about one thousand of them in total!), and hope that you will enjoy exploring some of our pages.



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