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Accent Leave Manager - Approver Information

From 14th February 2023 Accent Leave Manager (ALM) will replace the current study leave application form for doctors and dentists in training working across Yorkshire and the Humber. The resources on this page have been developed to help you get started and address common issues. The following resources are available to help introduce you to Accent Leave Manager:


Quick guide infographic

manual.png Approver user guide
policy.png Study Leave Policy
process.png Study Leave process map | Regional Teaching process map
faqs_0.png Frequently Asked Questions

Approval process

The approval process in ALM will differ depending on whether trainees are applying for Study Leave or Study Leave for Regional Teaching. Applications for Study Leave will be approved by a Training Programme Director. Applications for Regional Teaching will be approved by Medical Education.

Before submitting an application on ALM, trainees must have agreement from their Educational Supervisor that the activity is educationally appropriate and have followed local processes to secure the agreement of their Rota Coordinator to take the time off.

Existing study leave applications that were fully approved before the roll out (14th February) will be honoured. If you have an existing application which received supervisor and Training Programme Director approval before this date, you do not need to reapply using ALM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please expand the sections below for answers to frequently asked questions.

I am unable to log in - how do I obtain login credentials?

You can request your login details from the Accent homepage at any time: go to and click on ‘Forgotten password’ – type in the email address that you have registered with HEE and click Send reset password link. Your login credentials will then be emailed to you from - you may need to check your junk/spam folder as your email provider may filter the email. Password re-set links are valid for 30 minutes. If you attempt to use the link after this, you will be required to follow the process above again.

If you do not receive login credentials, email with your first name, surname and HEE Job Role. 

I'm on Leave - Who can review applications in my absence?

Accent Leave Manger has an Out of Office function for approvers. We suggest you set this up for the period you will be out of the office and assign a TPD or your HoS to consider applications in your absence. You will only be able to select an approver with an existing ALM account.