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Wednesday, March 08, 2017 | R Muirhead


The 2017 spring budget. Not much for the NHS!

BMA response to the 2017 Spring budget.


SAS Doctor survey 2015, last updated 26 June 2017.


Mental health care cuts in England 'to total £4.5m'.


Adult Mental health also lacks beds. The Guardian, 27 june 2017


Crowdfunding wheelchairs. 

BMA ARM report, 27 June 2107.


Racism in the NHS - it's still there!


New helpline  if you are feeling under presssure.


Hospitals pay huge locum bill for unfilled jobs. The Times, July 12 2017.


The Government  does not listen to warnings. Guardian July 12 2017.


New models for delivering care  - Practical implications for doctors PDF file for download


Promoting dignity at work. BMA October 2017.


Bullying and harassment research review v7 WEB. Click to download PDF. BMA Oct 2017


How to address bullying and harassment at work. October 2017. Anthea Mowat at her best!


Discussion paper on pay and the DDRB. Click to download PDF. BMA Oct 2017.


BMA - Budget 2017.


The Independant - Budget 2017.


The Guardian view on NHS spending: what’s enough.  Following November 2017 budget.


Standing togerher against sexual harrassment. BMA Blog,




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