Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber


Each NHS England (Yorkshire and Humber) School has a Management Committee drawn from the institutions and groups that contribute to training, and is led by a Head of School. Whilst the Head of School is professionally and managerially accountable to the Postgraduate Dean, he or she plays an integral role in terms of leading the delivery of a wide range of functions, aligned to the NHS England mandate. The Head of School focusses upon improvement of learner supervision, assessment and experience, engagement of faculty and ensuring effective educational outcomes, both now and in the future. The role is evolving and will also focus on whole workforce transformation and developing multi-professional links.

There are 12 Specialty Schools, (Heads of School are indicated in brackets) with email addresses for the School inboxes:

Some of the aims of Schools…

  • to deliver education and training to the required standards and work closely with the educational community
  • to support implementation of the NHS England Quality Framework, including the development of quality processes across the healthcare workforce
  • to promote excellence in all aspects of the work of the School
  • to support and encourage innovation in training and education
  • to review how multi-professional healthcare teams interact and identify opportunities for different healthcare professions to work more effectively together through education and training


Looking for Foundation Schools?

The Foundation Schools are detailed in the Foundation Section of the site.