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Dental Trainers.

This section provides relevant information for trainers, or those looking to become a trainer.   

Application for Additional Educational Investment

All requests for non-recurrent funding should be submitted via ERIC in the first instance. 


Each trainee will be reviewed, at least annually, and their progress assessed as per the Dental Gold Guide (2016).

Training Programme Directors, Clinical Supervisors and Educational Supervisors will all have a role within the ARCP process. Further details on each role, as well as the timeline, is available here. 

Information on how the ARCP is conducted and composition of the panel is available here.  

As well as the evidence of their curriculum requirements, via either ISCP or paper, trainees will be required to complete:

Academic trainees will also be required to complete a report on their academic progress with their Academic Supervisor. 

The Educational Supervisor's report should be completed on ISCP for trainees on ISCP. The paper Educational Supervisor's report is available for here for trainees not on ISCP. 

The Clinical Supervisor reports will feed in to the Educational Supervisor report and the Educational Supervisor is responsible for collating this feedback. 

Guidance on the ARCP and the role of the External Representative were presented at the TPD Development Day. 

ARCP Outcome 6

The process for issuing an Outcome 6 is available here. 

Dental Specialty Workforce Development Plan

Training Programme Directors will be required to complete a Workforce Development Plan each year, for the following year of training. 

Please use this form to indicate what replacement, expansion or even contraction of specialist training posts the training programme would like, and are able to accommodate, in the following financial year.

NIHR posts should also be included on this form. 

This year's forms should be completed and returned to Richard Balmer by 30th September 2017. 

Future Leaders

Full details on the Future Leaders Programme is available here

There are two windows each year where bids can be submitted for Future Leaders posts. 

Trainees successfully appointed to a Future Leaders post will need to apply to go out of programme (OOP). The OOP application form and guidance are available here. As Training Programme Director, you will need to complete the relevant section on the application form before this is submitted to HEE for approval. 

HEE Offices

HEE has three main offices in Yorkshire and the Humber, where most of the meetings will be held.

The Sheffield Office

Address: Don Valley House, Savile Street East, Sheffield S4 7UQ

Reception: 0114 3992200

Free car parking available

The Leeds Office

Address: Willow Terrace Road, Leeds LS2 9JT

Reception: 0113 8871688

Car parking is not available directly at the building. However, a number of parking facilities are located nearby

The Hull Office

Address: Block A, Willerby Hill Business Park, Willerby, Hull HU10 6FE

Reception: 01482 660700

Find our offices

Less Than Full Time

Dental trainees are eligible to work less than full time, as per the LTFT Policy

Trainees are advised to apply for LTFT at least three months' prior to their requested start date and are advised that placements are subject to accommodation by the TPD. 

Applications will be prioritised for trainees in category 1 or catergory 2:

Category 1 - Those doctors in training with:

  • Disability
  • Ill health
  • Responsibility caring for children (men and women)
  • Responsibility caring for ill/disabled partner, relative or other dependent

Category 2 - Those doctors in training with:

  • Unique opportunities for their own personal/professional development, e.g. training for national/ international sporting events
  • Religious commitment – involving training for a particular role which requires a specific time commitment
  • Non-medical professional development such as management courses, law courses, fine arts courses, etc.

LTFT trainees will still have an annual ARCP, although the requirement will be that they have achieved a pro rata amount of their competencies. 

LTFT Training is administered by Hannah Staniland for trainees in South Yorkshire and LTFT West for trainees in West Yorkshire. 


Dental Specialty Training Board


2018 Dates

Tuesday 9 January 2018 

Willow Terrace Road, Leeds LS2 9JT

STC Meetings

Each specialty will hold Specialty Training Committe (STC) meetings twice a year. These will be arranged locally by the Training Programme Directors. 

Roles as a Trainer

Training the Trainers

Specific information can be found under:


We recognise that it is important to ensure Educational and Clinical Supervisors have all of the necessary skills and resources required to deliver high-quality Specialty Training.  In order to support Trainers, the department is planning a range of courses on essential and developmental topics.

New taught courses specifically for Dental Trainers will be added to the Maxcourse system and we will also notify you of forthcoming events by email.



All Educational and Clinical Supervisors can access the MIAD e-learning package, which include the following modules:

  • Appraisal of Trainee Dentists
  • Supporting Career Development
  • Educational Supervision
  • Managing Trainee Dentists in Difficulty
  • Workplace Based Assessments

These modules can be counted towards your verifiable CPD requirements and certificates will be provided.  To request a license or reminder of your login details for MIAD, please email

In addition to the MIAD program, we will also arrange regular Training the Trainers workshops to cover suitable topics identified by Educational and Clinical Supervisors.

Study Leave

Trainees are advised to follow the study leave process. Please familiarise yourself with this.

As Trainers, you can claim your expenses. Please email for a claim form. 

Dental Educators Development Day

HEE North East and Yorkshire will be holding virtual Dental Educators Development sessions on:

Thursday, 25th November 2020 between 9.15 am and 1.00 pm

Wednesday, 10th December 2020 between 1.45 pm and 5.00 pm

Both events are open to Training Programme Directors and Education Supervisors.  For programme information and registration, please contact:

TPD Vacancies

Any vacant Training Programme Director posts will be advertised here