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Supported Return to Training

Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) is a centrally funded NHS England programme which aims to support all postgraduate doctors and dentists in training to safely and confidently return to training after a sustained period of absence.

The SuppoRTT programme is available to all trainees who are absent from their training for a period of three months or more, regardless of the reason. Those who are absent for a shorter period are eligible to access SuppoRTT courses only.

We understand that returning to training after a period of absence can impact your clinical skills and confidence, however, you are not on your own! NHSE and your School are here to support and guide you through this process. We have SuppoRTT Champions in most trusts and one for the Psychiatry School, to find your SuppoRTT Champion, see the Contacts page.

As returning trainees are a diverse group, SuppoRTT aims to provide a bespoke, individualised package for each returning trainee, rather than a single ‘one size fits all’ approach. The SuppoRTT programme consists of:

  • A structured and systematic process for planning absence, maintaining contact whilst out of training and planning for your return.
  • A range of activities, support and courses that can be built into an individualised return-to-training package.
  • Funding to support CPD activities.
  • A supernumerary period and/or period of enhanced supervision upon your return, dependent on your individual needs.

You can find out more information about the process to be followed to access SuppoRTT in our SuppoRTT Guidance, by browsing our webpages, and by watching the videos below.

How to Prepare to Take Time Out and Return to Training


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If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the SuppoRTT team, via email at