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Yorkshire and Humber

Dental Therapy Foundation Training 2022-23

Applications Open
1 March - 30 April 2022

Person Specification

To be eligible to apply for Dental Therapy Foundation Training you must meet the essential criteria.

Registration and Qualification:

  • Qualified as a Dental Hygienist and Therapist (within the last 2 years) or have a qualification in Dental Hygiene and Therapy pending
  • Hold professional registration with the General Dental Council or Be eligible for professional registration with the General Dental Council 


  • Completed Basic Life Support training within the last 12 months or has Basic Life Support training booked to be completed for the start date for DTFT
  • Understanding of clinical risk assessment   
  • Appropriate level of clinical knowledge 
  • Clear, logical thinking, showing an analytical/scientific approach       
  • Good manual dexterity and hand/eye coordination 


  • The ability to communicate with clarity in written and spoken English
  • The ability to build rapport, listen, persuade and negotiate

Management and Leadership:

  • Ability to prioritise clinical need
  • Ability to change, adapt and respond to rapidly changing circumstances
  • Ability to organise oneself and own work
  • Is well prepared, shows self-discipline and commitment, is punctual and meets deadlines
  • Experience and ability to work in multi- professional teams
  • Ability to take responsibility and make decisions
  • Information technology skills


  • Uses non-judgemental approach to patients and colleagues, regardless of their sexuality, ethnicity, disability, religious belief or financial status.
  • Demonstrates a breadth of experience and awareness within and outside the domain of dentistry
  • Interpersonal skills (sees patients as people, empathise, work co-operatively with others, open and non-defensive, sense of humour)
  • Shows knowledge of evidence-informed practice 
  • Shows awareness of own limitations       


Application form
Meet and greet event

5 July 2022

Start Date

1 September 2022

Frequently asked questions

How do you shortlist the applications to DTFT?

The applications for the training scheme are mapped against the person specification. All criterion must be evidenced to enable to applicant to proceed to interview.

How will I know my application has been successful?

We will notify you via email about the success of your application. This will be after the closing date and when we have quality assured all applications.

What happens if my application is successful?

If you application is successful we will contact you via email.
Once we have appointed our training practices you will be given the list of potential workplaces. It will be your responsibility to arrange interviews; and once a pairing is made the contracts will be returned to the programme lead. A joint application to the study day programme can be then be completed.


What happens if my application is not successful?

If your application is not successful we will contact you via email and provide you with feedback. You will be able to reapply for the following year; providing you meet the criteria.
If you are unsuccessful at interview you may be placed on a reserve applicant list and contacted should a space become available.

Click here for support with your application
Joanne Ward
Training Programme Support Director
07399 785 605