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Yorkshire and Humber


The postgraduate Orthodontic Course is recognized as one of the most popular and high profile courses in the UK. The great strength of the course is that there is a real enthusiasm from a diverse group of experienced consultants, all of whom are committed to providing the very highest quality of contemporary orthodontic training. The facilities at the regional units are second to none reflected in the continued success of all our trainees.

"We are rightly proud of our orthodontic postgraduate course in Leeds. It continues to go from strength to strength and consistently produces prize-winning trainees. We are blessed in having a large number of orthodontic clinicians in the area who have an unrivalled passion for teaching orthodontics and for passing on their knowledge to others. There is a real team spirit here."

Training Programme Directors

Ms Nadine Houghton (North)

Ms Fiona Dyer (South)

Further information on recruitment, ARCP, study leave and period of grace can be found here.



Trainees appointed to North Yorkshire

The centre has lots of experience in supervision of masters projects and many of the previous students have been awarded national prizes for these projects. The students undertake a 2 years Masters of Science (by research) at the University of Leeds during the first 2 years of the 3-year programme. Additional training in research and statistics is also provided at the University of York by national experts in their field.


Trainees appointed to South Yorkshire

Testimonials from former trainees:

"The Leeds Postgraduate Orthodontic programme is contemporary, stimulating, challenging and everyone strives to help you to achieve the best you can. All levels of staff from the consultants, to the other postgraduates are friendly and approachable and always happy to advise. The Orthodontic programme here in Leeds comes highly recommended!" 

Tai Raja 
SpR Leeds/Bradford 2008-2011

"There is excellent training from a variety of Consultants in both the Dental Hospital and peripheral unit in a very supportive learning environment. It is great to have a breadth of teaching from a range of highly experienced enthusiastic Consultants. The course is a very well organized, with structured didatic teaching programme from the very start of the course. In addition the research component of programme is well supported."

Nadia Ahmed 
StR Leeds/Bradford 2011-14

"The Leeds Orthodontic StR training program is very structured and well planned. Didactic teaching is facilitated further by the approachable nature of the consultants. Many topics are revisited through the NUC courses (Northern University Consortium). This enables StRs to meet their peers from other universities and be taught by consultants with expertise in each subspecialty of orthodontics." 

Katherine Forde 
StR Leeds/York 2011-14

Curriculum and Training

The orthodontic postgraduate course is focused on producing high quality clinical training supported by the best available evidence. There is a strong didactic approach to teaching, with regular small group teaching lead by consultants. In addition to the usual supervision on clinics, there are additional treatment-planning, again lead by consultants, before clinics start. The seminar teaching is also supported by a smaller problem-based learning projects and online aspects.

The Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme Website

This site houses the curriculum for the dental specialties and, in a secure area, trainees’ electronic portfolios and the learning agreements which support training.

All trainees will eventually use the e-portfolio but this will be done on a rolling programme by specialty. Consultants and other professionals who will be training, assessing and supervising training will also need to register.