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Axia ePortfolio.

Dental Core Trainees collect evidence of their training on an eportfolio system, hosted by Axia. Evidence should be collected and uploaded regularly throughout the year. 

All trainees will be set up on ePortfolio prior to their DCT start date. Once set up, you will receive an automated email with your log in details. Please log in prior to your first day to ensure that your log in works. 

If you already have a Axia account from your previous DFT or DCT training, your placement details will be added to this account. 

The assessments and other evidence on your eportoflio will be reviewed at your IRCP and FRCP so please ensure that this is updated regularly, not just prior to the IRCP and FRCP deadlines. 


It is your responsibility for keeping your eportfolio up-to-date.

For any post or supervisor changes, please email
detailing the updates you would like making on your eportoflio. All updates will be actioned within one week. 

For any technical problems, please contact the Axia Helpdesk on