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Yorkshire and Humber

Appointment to DFT Training.

After accepting a training post in Yorkshire and the Humber, and prior to starting this post, the following stages must be completed:

Apply to be on the GDC Register

Your University may have already done this for you. 

If not, please apply via the GDC Website: 

Complete Local Allocation

Trainees have the option to preference the training practices.

All successful trainees will be sent a link, after recruitment has been completed, which will contain a practice profile of the approved training practices in the trainees' allocated area (Area 1, Area 2, Area 3 or DFTDCT). This will take place in mid-June, once the outcomes of the university final exams are known. 

The list of practices in the region will not be available before this date. 

The trainee will then rank all of the practices in their area via an online portal and will be advised of their allocated training practice shortly afterwards.

You will receive notification from Dental Support when this process will open and the deadline for completing the ranking. 

Join the NHS Performer List

Guidance on how to join the NHS Performer List, getting a DBS check, arranging an Occupational Health Assessment is available on the PCSE website: 

Application Guide

Register for BlackBoard

Please register for BlackBoard using this link.

All study days will be advertised via your scheme and guides on how to use BlackBoard can be found on our study day programme site

Sign a DFT Contract

As a trainee you hold two contracts; a training contract with NHSE and an employment contract with your Lead EmployerMersey & West Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust (formerly St Helens & Knowsley). Trainees on the JDFCT programme will hold an employment contract with Leeds Teaching Hospitals, rather than their dental practice.

You will be emailed a training contract to be completed and returned. This is to confirm that you understand the requirements of the training programme. 

You will also be contacted by your employer regarding your employment contract. This confirms the terms and conditions of your employment including salary, annual leave etc. 

You will also need to acquire an email address via your Lead Employer. This is required so Dental Support can align with NHSE policy for communicating to trainees. 

Register for ePortfolio

Once appointed, please contact Dental Support with a non-University email address. This email address will be used to set up your eportfolio. 

The Dental Eportfolio is available here:

Existing users (trainers) will continue to use their previous log in details.

All new users will be sent log in details by the national eportfolio team.

For any queries, please contact