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Placement of Postgraduate Doctors in Training Policies


This page contains the nationally approved Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for England aligned to the principles of A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Foundation and Specialty Training in the UK’ (‘the Gold Guide’) and A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Dental Core and Specialty Training’ (‘The Dental Gold Guide’).

The nationally approved Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be found here, our local SOPs are based on the national guidance.

Please contact if you are unable to find a particular policy.

Acting Up

“Acting up” provides doctors and dentists in training with the experience of navigating the transition from junior doctor or dentist to consultant, whilst maintaining the supervision and training plan required of doctors or dentists in training. 

Medical Specialty doctors in training who are within one year of their anticipated completion of training date are eligible to act up as consultants, for a fixed-term period of 3 months (pro rata for less than full time Postgraduate Doctors in Training PGDiTs). 

Dental Specialty Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs) may act up as a consultant/specialist within six months of their CCST date for individual sessions or longer periods of time (until the end of training). 

Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs) should normally apply prospectively for acting up opportunities and acting up placements will require appropriate supervision arrangements. Applications which do not meet the application notice period and placement requirements stated within this guidance will not normally be accepted.

Useful Documents

Guidance Document

Application form

Distribution and Amendment of Tariff Funded Training Posts

The guidance covers the means of distribution of tariff-funded postgraduate medical training posts across Medical Foundation, Specialty, Dentistry and GP training in Yorkshire and the Humber. It ensures that it is transparent, fair, and equitable, aligned to population health needs and considers the balance of service provision and training quality across the region.

Inter-Deanery Transfers

The National Inter Deanery Transfer (IDT) process has been established to support Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs) who have had an unforeseen and significant change in their personal circumstances since the commencement of their current training programme which requires a move to a different region. The process is managed by the National IDT team (NHS England South London) on behalf of the Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans (COPMeD), NHS England (NHSE) and all UK regions.

In order to provide a consistent, transparent and robust process for all Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs), the National IDT team will make all decisions on eligibility and allocations in accordance with the published guidelines and criteria.

You can read these guidelines, criteria and timeline as well as find out much more about the process by visiting the National IDT webpages, which have been migrated to a new home on NHSE's specialty training. Full details on the process can be found on the Speciality Training/Inter-Deanery Transfers and British Medical Association websites.

All of the required documentation, supporting documents and applicant guides are hosted on the specialty training website, and applications will now be made via the Post Graduate Medical and Dental Education (PGMDE) Support Portal. All FAQs are now hosted on the specialty training website. 

If you have any queries relating to the National Inter Deanery Transfer (IDT) process, please review the IDT Applicant guide and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) articles on the specialty training website, in the first instance. If you do not find an FAQ that has answered your question, you can submit an enquiry form to the National IDT team via the PGMDE support portal. The PGMDE support portal can be accessed at the following link.

The IDT team for YH can support you with your application, please contact us

Longitudinal Integrated General Practice Training

This SOP is to help those trainers involved with In Contact Training and In Contact GP PGDiTs understand more about the process, what is required of them over the 3 years of GP Training.

Out of Programme (OOP)

Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs) may wish to take a period of time out of programme (OOP) during their training. 

Time out of programme is divided in to four categories:

  • Research (OOPR)
  • Experience (OOPE)
  • Training (OOPT)
  • Career Break (OOPC)
  • Pause (OOPP)

Doctors in training are required to obtain formal approval from the Postgraduate Dean (PGD) to take time out of a clinical training programme whilst retaining their national training number. Applications should be submitted six months prior to the intended start date. 

A Postgraduate Doctor in Training (PGDiT) whose annual review of progress is deemed unsatisfactory or with unmet objectives identified at their ARCP will not normally be granted a period of OOP. Time out of programme will not normally be agreed until a Postgraduate Doctor in Training (PGDiT) has been in a training programme for a least one year. 

A Postgraduate Doctor's in Training (PGDiT's) CCT date will be extended in line with their time out of programme. If a Postgraduate Doctor in Training (PGDiT) wishes for some, or all, of their training to count towards their CCT, they will need support from their Royal College and from the GMC/GDC. 

Useful Documents

Application & Extension Form
Time Out of Foundation Programme - Application Form
Curtailment Form

Out of Programme (OOP) - Future Leaders

Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs) accepted on to the NHSE Yorkshire and Humber Future Leaders Programme will need to apply to go out of programme, in the usual manner. 

Leadership Fellows are required to obtain formal approval from the Associate Dean if they wish to extend their fellowship. Guidance regarding extensions for Future Leaders fellows is available on the Information for Fellows page.

Useful Documents

Guidance on Requests to Extend an HEE YH Future Leaders Programme Fellowship 

Period of Grace (PoG)

Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs) completing higher specialty training (with the exception of GP Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs)) are able to apply for a six month period of grace, directly following their CCT date.

The period of grace allows doctors who have completed their training to continue in the Specialty Registrar grade for a limited period of time, whilst they find employment, usually in a consultant level post. The doctor is no longer considered to be in training, but is in post for the purposes of service.

To allow Training Programme Directors sufficient notice to plan their placements, Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs) should give at least six months notice of their intention to take up their period of grace. 

Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs) who enter their period of grace are able to resign from this at any point. However, they will be required to give notice, in line with their Trust's employment contract. 

Useful Documents

Full Policy

Period of Grace Intent Form


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