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Recruitment to the Foundation Programme 

HEE YH follows the National Process and time line set out by the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO). For further information, details of the timeline and a copy of the applicant’s handbook please visit the UKFPO website:

UKFPO How to Apply

HEE YH is one Unit of Application (UoA), but we use a group matching process to allocate applicants to Schools, before they rank their individual programmes.  

As HEE YH has three Foundation Schools, these will be used for the group matching process

  • North Yorkshire and East Coast – Grimsby / Scunthorpe, Hull, Scarborough, York
  • South Yorkshire – Doncaster & Bassetlaw, Rotherham, Barnsley, Sheffield
  • West Yorkshire – Airedale, Bradford, Calderdale & Huddersfield, Harrogate, Leeds (LGI / SJUH), Mid Yorks (Dewsbury / Pinderfields)

If you are successful in your application to HEE YH you will be contacted with instructions on how to preference your choice of group and programmes, as per the timtable below:

Applicants Informed of FS Allocation UKFPO: 9 March 2017

Group Ranking Deadline: 15 March 2017 (12 noon)

Group Match Notification: 20 March 2017 (12noon)

Programme Ranking Deadline: 31 March 2017 (5pm)

Applicants Informed of Programme Allocations UKFPO: 6 April 2017

F1 and F2 jobs are linked.  This means that when you list your programme preferences, you will know the F1 and F2 posts and hospitals in each programme.

There are no interviews for the first allocation of Foundation Programme trainees.

NYEC Allocation Statistics

SYFS Allocation Statistics

WYFS Allocation Statistics

FP Group Preference Statistics

FP UoA Recruitment Statistics

FP Group Matching Statistics

FP 2017 Recruitment Update

You can link your FP application to that of another applicant to ensure you will both be allocated to the same UoA, provided you are both on the primary list.

Please note that you can only link to one other person. That person can be a partner, friend, sibling, etc. Any two applicants who want to link can do so.

Links will not be considered if either of you accepts an AFP offer. Please note that only two FP applications can be linked.

You cannot link with someone applying for specialty or other medical training.

In HEE YH the link allows you to be in the same UoA and the same “Group” / School, but not necessarily the same programme, employing organisation or town.

We will try to place linked applicants within an hour’s commute of each other, but this can not be guaranteed due to the random allocation of places when matching takes place.

If you and another applicant want to link your applications, you can do so in this section of the form by choosing “yes” when asked if you wish to link your application.

More information will then appear, along with a box for you to type in the email address of the applicant with whom you are linking. This must be the email that they have registered with on Oriel.

The process of linking works in this way:

  • You must enter the email address of the person you want to link to, ensuring it is the same one they are using for the application process.
  • In order for the link to be complete, the other person must enter the email address you are using for the application process on their application form.
  • Both of you must rank all of the UoAs and “Groups” in the same order of preference. If you do not both do this, the link will be broken.
  • You must both score highly enough to be on the primary list for the link to work. If either or both of you are on the reserve list, the link will be broken


The score of the lower scoring applicant will be used to allocate both linked applicants to a UoA.

The result of your link may be that either:

a. you will be allocated to a UoA which is lower in your order of preference than would have been the case had you not linked your application;


b. the other individual will be allocated to a foundation school lower in his/her order of preference than would have been the case if they had not linked their application to yours.

The link will only be honoured if:

  • all the information required is provided on both applicants’ forms; and
  • neither you nor the other individual has been pre-allocated to a particular UoA on the grounds of special circumstances; and
  • you both score highly enough to be on the primary list; and
  • you have both ranked the UoAs in the same order of preference; and
  • neither you nor the other individual has accepted an AFP offer; and
  • there are two places available in a UoA when it is your turn to be allocated based on the lower of both scores.

Each of our schools has linked F1 and F2 programmes. Please click the links below for more information:

West Yorkshire Foundation School Programmes

South Yorkshire Foundation School Programmes

North Yorkshire & East Coast Foundation School Programmes


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