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Healthcare Supervision Logbook Smartphone App.

Healthcare Supervision Logbook (HSL) is a Smartphone App that has been developed to provide feedback on training, this has been in use with some O&G trainee’s in South Yorkshire for the past two years.

From August 2016 the School of O&G has decided to use the App to provide day to day feedback on your training and to record your procedures. This roll out will be for ALL trainees in O&G in the region.

Some of you (South trainees) will now either be using the App, or will have seen it demonstrated for those who are new to the app, there is a short a video tutorial, which explains how to use Healthcare Supervision Logbook which we suggest that you watch before using the App for the first time. 

What it does. 

There is a version for trainees and a version for supervisors. The trainee’s version of Healthcare Supervision Logbook has three functions.

1. It allows you to provide feedback on your training after each session you attend (Session’s function). You should fill this in after every session you do, whether it is a clinic, theatre, on-call and regardless of the level of supervision you have had during the particular session.

2. It allows you to log all of you practical procedures and clinical activities (Logbook function). These can then be provided to you as a PDF for storage in your personal library on your ePortfolio and means you can prospectively record all of your deliveries/ops etc. There is also a video link in some of the logbook skills and you can record reflections if you wish- again these can be released as PDFs and recorded in your personal library at ARCP.

3. It allows you to collect feedback from patients using a GMC approved form, again these can be released as PDFs to put into your personal library (Survey function).

Using HSL gives you several advantages- you can provide evidence of all your practical procedures and keep records of numbers, any complications, and the level of supervision (if any) you have had for each.  This is very helpful for ARCP and when you need to provide evidence of the numbers of procedures you have done in case of an adverse event- for instance how many CS you have done at fully, how many third degree tears (if any) you have had from instrumental deliveries etc.

You can also keep an up to date log of all the teaching sessions you have attended, which allows you to get a record of this for ARCP.

Most importantly, using HSL allows you to provide daily feedback on the quality of your training, which means that if you are not getting good quality training this can then be evidenced and acted on. Without evidence that undermining or poor quality training is occurring, it is difficult to do anything about it.


How to access it.

Healthcare Supervision Logbook works on Apple iPhones and Google Android powered Smartphones – e.g. Samsung, HTC, Google Nexus etc.

On your Android powered device download the app from the Google Play store

On your Apple iPhone download the app from the Apple App Store 

There is also a desktop version online; this can be used if you are unable to access your Smartphone or don’t own one.

Once you have downloaded the app, please familiarise yourself with it and start to record feedback on your training.  The logbook and survey functions are optional, but you may find them of great benefit.

To log into the app you will use your email as your username (the email which as registered with HEE). Your PIN is automatically set at 1111. Please change your PIN after you have logged in, but DO NOT use a zero in the PIN.