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Educational St1-5 ARCP Matrix.

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STRATOG courses & how to find them

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Educational St1-5 ARCP Matrix.

Please find attached the Y&H training requirements for August 2021 - July 2022

Please bear in mind that these are the courses, simulation and elearning that we ask for in the region and must be used in conjunction with the RCOG matrix of progression which details progress/completion of CiPs, collection of feedback and OSATs linked to clinical skills

To attend training courses, you will need log in details for Blackboard - please contact YMTP admin if you do not yet have access

In addition, this year there is a new laparoscopic training programme - still in evolution but almost complete. This requires ALL trainees to complete a series of exercises and assessments on the EoSim laparoscopic trainers which are available in every Unit. 

Trainees in ST3+ should also start to use the VR laparoscopic trainers which are located in Hull, York, Bradford and Sheffield. You may need to book SL to undertake sessions (and you are able to claim travel expenses)  - again contact YMTP admin who will set up your account for the simulators.  

Finally if trainees at any stage have gained extra experience, presented at meetings or conferences or chose to do extra training, you may be able to apply for some funding/reimbursement of expenses though the Rewarding Excellence bursary scheme. We will be inviting applications in September


Good luck with your new placements and hope you have an enjoyable and productive year. Please get in touch with any questions or queries for queries relating to YMTP and revision courses for matters relating to ARCP, placements and assessments