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Strategic Obstetric Simulation.

The Strategic Obstetric Simulation Yorkshire and Humber has been developed as an educational resource to provide O&G trainees and educators with a standardised tool to deliver teaching through the modality of simulation. It includes a library of simulation scenarios that are mapped to the RCOG curriculum with supportive additional materials including learning objectives, equipment lists, feedback checklists and debrief guidance.

Scenarios are categorised to reflect the three levels of training: basic, intermediate and advanced. It is envisaged that these scenarios can be used to achieve logbook competencies under other methodologies, deliver in-situ simulation within local trusts and support trainees and educational supervisors to deliver local teaching. 

This programme was developed by Dr Kylie Marks as part of her Leadership Fellow post. Please email completed feedback forms to her and she will issue the faculty lead with a certificate template for your delegates. 

If you experience difficulties downloading any of the documents please contact the Education Coordinator.