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Yorkshire and Humber

2018 Rotation Dates

1 August 2018 (All trainees)


Rotation occurs for all trainees on the first Wednesday in August. 

Planning for the next rotation starts immediately after the rotation has occurred. If you would like to make a request to your Training Programme Director, this should be made at least 4 months prior to the rotation date. Please note that there will be no guarantee we will be able to fulfil your request but every effort will be made.

You will be notified of your new placement approximately 2 months before the start date for that placement. If there are any delays in circulating this information, the School Administrators will send an email around to explain this delay. The School Administrators are very busy during the period prior to rotation, therefore please refrain from telephoning or emailing with rotation queries until the rotation has been circulated as responding to these queries causes further delays.

A list of the sites included in the rotations are detailed in the Programmes section. 

Training is divided into three sections: basic, intermediate and advanced specialty training.

Basic Training

Basic Training (ST1 and ST2) is provided in the first two years of specialist training in two one-year placements in hospitals in either the West, North/East or South of Yorkshire and the Humber.

Intermediate Training

Intermediate training (ST3 - ST5) will be a 3 year annual rotation between three hospitals. Trainees may be required to move between rotations in this phase of training to accommodate service needs and to achieve smooth running of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology training program overall. Such moves are kept to a necessary minimum.

Advanced Training

Training in years ST6 and ST7 will be predominantly in medium and larger hospitals to enable trainees to undertake at least two Advanced Training Specialist Modules (ATSM).