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Yorkshire and Humber

New Trainees.

Welcome to Yorkshire and the Humber!



You will be sent a registration form (Form R Part A) to complete. The contact details that you proivde on this will be the ones that are used for all communications, so please provide an email address that you regularly use. 

You will need to register with the Yorkshire Modular Training Programme (YMTP). All details are available in the Education section

Finally, you will need to register with the RCOG for use of eportfolio



You will be notified of your first placement approximately three months prior to your start date. You will be notified of all subsequent placements three months prior to the rotation date. 
For queries on hospital accommodation or annual leave, please contact your Trust.  



If you require a Tier 2 visa, please contact as soon as possible. 



School Induction

Induction for new entrants to the School is held in August. Each location (East, South and West) will have a separate induction and this will be led by your Training Programme Director. Attendance at this induction is mandatory.  

Trust Induction

You will also receive an induction in your local Trust.  Please contact them to find out the induction dates before you start and ensure that you attend. Attendance at this induction is mandatory and should be evidenced on your eportfolio.  

Contact Details

Contact details for all Training Programme Directors, College Tutors and Administrators are available here

Trainee Reps

A list of trainee representatives can be found in the contacts section.

Ultrasound Training

With the increasing relevance of Ultrasound specific training we decided to devote a page to it, please go to the Ultrasound section.