Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

N/E Yorks & N Lincs.

Hospitals in the East/North Yorkshire Programme are:

Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby

At Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, maternity together with antenatal and gynaecology clinics, the neonatal and paediatric units, office and on-call accommodation are in a purpose built facility adjacent to the main hospital building. The gynaecology ward and day unit are in the main building along with main theatres. The Centre for Sexual Health is located nearby. 
There are 16 beds in single and two-bedded rooms, 19 LDRP (Labour, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum) rooms, a room with a birthing pool, disabled facility and a high dependency room. The LDRP rooms are fully equipped to accommodate the patient throughout her stay.

In 2012, there were 2700 deliveries in the maternity unit. There is Consultant Anaesthetist cover during the working hours and a 24 hour epidural service in operation.

The gynaecology ward has been developed into a combined inpatient and outpatient area. There are 21 patients, of which five are for breast patients, facilities for outpatient hysteroscopy and colposcopy, early pregnancy assessment, pregnancy advisory including the provision of medical terminations and preoperative assessment. Preoperative assessment, medical terminations and early pregnancy assessment are nurse based with medical lead.
The area is separated from the outpatient facilities and, in addition, the department has the use of a variable number of day beds in the day care unit.

The department has a daycase rate in excess of 75%. Theatre is fully equipped for laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery.

Ultrasound scanning in Obstetrics and gynaecology is generally performed by sonographers from the X-ray Department. This department provides a comprehensive ultrasound service including limited our of hours availability. The antenatal clinic is equipped with three modern scanners including facilities for Doppler and vaginal scans. An extra ultrasound scanner is available for use on the labour ward. The scan department is supported by one nurse and one midwife sonographer.

Consultants and Specialist Interests and Duties

Name Position
Mr Werner P Mueller Urogynaecology, Clinical Director
part time and gynaecology from 01.09.2013
Mr Arabinda Saha Lead for Gynaecological Oncology, Colposcopy
Mr Ibrahim I Bolaji
Lead for Infertility, RCOG College Tutor HYMS Director of Clinical Studies (Acute)
Mr Ian P Stuart High Risk pregnancies, Lead for Labour Ward, Undergraduate Teaching (HYMS) and Clinical Governance
Mr Silas Gimba Outpatient Hysteroscopy, Lead Undergraduate Teaching Sheffield Students
Mr Mahadeva Manohar Lead for fertility Control Service, Rota Coordinator
Dr Manjula Annappa from 01.09.2013 General Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Urogynaecology Service together with Mr Mueller


Junior Medical Staff
2 Staff Grades, 1 Clinical Fellow (MTI)
5 Career Registrars on annual rotation from Eastern (Hull/York) rotation
7 First on-call SHOs including 2 VTS trainees, 1 F1 and 1 F2

Teaching and Training
There are many training opportunities for all our trainees in both obstetrics and gynaecology. All Consultants share in educational supervision and there is a protected in-house structured training programme:

  • Journal Club (First Friday of the month)
  • Perinatal Mortality and Clinical Review (Second Friday of the month)
  • Gynaecological Forum and Clinical review (Third Friday of the month)
  • Joint Audit and Clinical Governance Meeting (Fourth Friday of the month)

ATSM supervision is available in labour ward and labour ward lead, early pregnancy and acute gynaecology and benign gynaecological surgery (hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy, total laparoscopic hysterectomy, vaginal and abdominal surgery). There is a comprehensive ultrasound training in the department and the unit runs a basic transvaginal ultrasound scan course twice a year.

Harrogate District General

Harrogate District Hospital (NHS Foundation Trust) is one of the smaller units on this rotation with approximately 2000 deliveries per year but this in no way affects the quality or level of training and experience for trainees on rotation in both obstetrics and gynaecology. With six consultants, seven second on call and seven FY2/ST2/GPVTS posts, members of the department work closely together with a focus on optimising training for all those involved to help you get the most out of your post, relevant to your stage in training.



Dr Kat Johnson - Labour Ward Lead, Clinical Director
Mr Adrian Barnett - Colposcopy Lead
Miss Tracy Jackson - Gynae-oncology Lead
Mrs Allison Amin - Early pregnancy & Audit Lead
Mr Stathis Altanis - Urogynecology Lead
Miss Deborah Cross - Antenatal Services Lead

Antenatal and obstetric training includes: consultant daytime cover on labour ward, daily case review of patients and consultant led ward rounds. There are five antenatal clinics per week with a combined medical obstetrics clinic and access to basic obstetric and early pregnancy scanning in one week of focused training.

Gynaecology training includes: acute/emergency gynaecology, EPAU, gynaecology outpatients, Womens’ Unit for colposcopy, vulval clinics and out-patient hysteroscopy, surgery - day and main theatre including excellent general gynaecology surgery with good basic and intermediate laparoscopic training

Teaching includes weekly lunchtime teaching within the department, daily case reviews, a monthly quality improvement programme and multidisciplinary meetings in gynaecology-oncology and perinatal morbidity/mortality and ultrasound. There are also weekly CPD meetings open to all staff within the Trust.

All our consultants are involved in educational and clinical supervision and support and we have consistently had good feedback from trainees with regards to their training whilst in post, particularly in relation to hands on experience and surgical procedures.

Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital

The Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust is a large Teaching Hospital Trust serving the populations of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.  Tertiary level services are also provided for the populations of North East Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire.  Services are delivered on two sites, six miles apart. A free shuttle bus connects the two sites. Parking is available on site for permit holders, and a free park and ride’ is provided should employees choose to park off site. The Hull Royal Infirmary is a short walk from the main railway interchange

Trainees allocated to Hull work in a busy environment supported by friendly and supportive Midwifery and senior Medical Staff.

The Hull Royal Infirmary is in the centre of Hull, it is a large acute Trust with 1354 beds.  The Trust is the designated Trauma centre and delivers other tertiary level services.

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital is based on this campus.  The Maternity Unit at Hull Royal Infirmary has up to 6500 deliveries per annum.

We deliver care to a ‘High risk’ Obstetric population, is provided on this site, supported by a level 3 Neonatal Unit.  The unit benefits from strong links with Interventional Radiology.

Rotas are full shift and compliant with EWTD. The Guardian of Safe Working is Miss Helen Cattermole; the Director of Medical Education is Professor Mahmoud Loubani

The first Tier Rota has an establishment of 7 ST1-2 trainees, currently working within a 1/11 Rota alongside Foundation Year 2, GPVTS trainees and Trust Doctors.

The second tier rota has an establishment of 12 ST3-7 trainees. The current rota is a 1/11

The trainees have a supportive environment to engage in clinical governance activities such as Audit, Quality Improvement Projects; Risk management meetings, Perinatal review meetings and Maternity case note reviews.

As Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital is a teaching hospital, student midwives and medical students also work in the unit.

There are opportunities for trainees to be involved in undergraduate training activities with the Hull and York Medical School, training in assessment methods can be booked with the Medical School free of charge.

The Obstetrics department offers ATSM training in :

  • Advanced Labour Ward Practice
  • Labour ward Lead
  • Advanced Antenatal Practice
  • Maternal Medicine

Trainees can gain exposure to High-Risk Obstetrics in specialist Medical antenatal clinics. 

There is an FGM MDT, in collaboration with Community Gynaecology services.

Acute Gynaecology services are provided on the Hull site.

Trainees gain experience in Open and Laparoscopic Benign Gynaecological Surgery.  Training in outpatient procedures is via the hysteroscopy, colposcopy, MVA and Minor procedures clinics.  Training in Myosure outpatient resections of polyps and hysteroscopic sterilisation is also available.

The Hull IVF Unit is located within the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

The Castle Hill Hospital is located near Cottingham and provides advanced laparoscopic elective surgery (including endometriosis and laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy) and Oncology services. 

Castle Hill is regional tertiary referral centre for Gynaecology Oncology.  The department performs open, laparoscopic and robotic surgery.  The team of three consultants work within a pelvic team of other surgical specialists (upper Gastrointestinal, Colorectal, Urology and Plastics).  Ultra-radical surgery for ovarian cancer and vulval reconstruction for vulval cancer is the established practice.  Minimal access surgery(laparoscopic or robotic) is the standard of care for early stage endometrial cancer.

Trainees can also gain exposure to state of the art radiotherapy techniques (IMRT, HD Brachytherapy and SABR).

Castle Hill Hospital is the longest established BSGE accredited endometriosis centre in Yorkshire, led by an internationally renowned team.

 The Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery for Excision of Benign Disease ATSM will be offered from this Centre from August 2017 (via competitive interview).

We offer a wide spectrum of Gynaecology ATSM training:

  • Advanced Laparoscopy
  • Acute Gynaecology and Early pregnancy
  • Abortion care
  • Benign Abdominal Surgery (open and laparoscopic)
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Urogynaecology and vaginal surgery
  • Subfertility and Reproductive Medicine
  • Colposcopy
  • Vulval Disease
  • Gynaecological-Oncology
  • Sexual Health  provided in collaboration with Conifer House ( community Gynaecology Services) led by Dr Tonye Wokoma.
  • Menopause  provided in collaboration with Conifer House ( community Gynaecology Services) led by Dr Tonye Wokoma.


Senior Trainees who have a passion for Medical Education are encouraged to register for this ATSM, The HEY Trust also provides other opportunities (and funding, via competitive interview) for motivated individuals to complete a PgCert in Quality Improvement – the application process is open to all grade of trainees.

All trainees have opportunities to present their Quality Improvement work at the Trust annual Medical Education Conference –HEAT.  The Trust has an in-house peer-reviewed journal- METRIC.  Trainees are encouraged to submit their work to this.

The Hull Royal Infirmary has a purpose built Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre.

Trainees have access to Simulation in Ultra Sound Scanning and Laparoscopy, using High Fidelity Simulators.

Hull benefits from its’ award winning training centre for Human factors and Simulation and trainees working in Hull (an other locations within the East Locality) have with opportunities to be involved in designing and delivering Human Factors courses for foundation and RCOG specialty trainees.  A number of the YMTP mandatory Courses are run by the Hull Team.  Trainees are encouraged to get involved in delivering training (and getting training to deliver the sessions).

The Team in Hull, welcome you to the city and to this training unit.  We hope you enjoy your time with us.

Scarborough Hospital
Scunthorpe General Hospital

Scunthorpe General Hospital is one of three hospitals in the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Foundation Trust, the other two being Diana Princess of Wales Hospital at Grimsby, and Goole District Hospital. The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (part of the Women and Children's group) is located in B block of the main hsopital. Scunthorpe is easily accessible by the motorway netwrok through the M180 and M181 motorways.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

In 2012 there were 2000 deliveries in the maternity suite with a caesarean rate of 16.2%, well below the national average. There is a 24 hour epidural service and consultant anaesthetist presence from 8:30 to 5 o'clock during the week and available on-call. There are 6 consultants in the department and they offer 60 hour labour ward cover over 7 days in the week.

There is a dedicated 5 day gynaecology ward as well as a surgical day unit available for gynaecology patients.

We run a 1 in 7 rota for the juniors with the following junior staff available: 4 specialty doctors, 4 ST3-7 trainees, 4 ST1-2 trainees, 1 GP VTS trainee, 2 FY1s and 2FY2s.

The gynaecology ward, gynaecology and antenatal clinics have recently been refurbished to a very high standard.

Consultant Staff and Special Interests
Name Position
Mr Lawrence Roberts Fetal Maternal Medicine and Associate Medical Director for Women and Children's Services
Mrs Neelam Batra General Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Undergraduate training
Mr Chin Gan Laparoscopic Surgey and Lead for  Gynaecology Oncology
Mr Franz Ndumbe Lead for Colposcopy; RCOG College Tutor
Miss Smira Furara Lead for Labour Ward and Medical Disorders in Pregnancy
Miss Preeti Gandhi  Locum Consultant, General Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Laparoscopic Surgery
 Teaching and Training

There is an active Postgraduate Medical Education Centre with up to date library facilities. The unit offers valuable training opportunities to both junior and senior trainees including ATSMs in Labour Ward, Colposcopy, Early pregnancy and Acute Gynaecology; and likely to commence a Benign Abdominal Surgery (open and laparoscopic) soon. Each consultant has a monthly "training list" to help the senior trainees improve their gynaecology operating skills.

There is a dedicated weekly ultrasound training session, mainly for trainees, to help them obtain training in the RCOG basic and intermediate module in ultrasound. This has been a facility that has been very helpful to previous trainees who rotate through the unit.

There are weekly teaching and training opportunities with adequate consultant supervision on both Tuesdays and Fridays.

Mr Franze Ndumbe

York District General Hospital

All grades of trainees are welcome to our friendly Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.   Currently the department consists of a total of 11 Consultants; three of the Consultants are resident on-call on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. There is one Staff Grade and six Middle Grade Specialist Trainees. On the first on-call rota there are four ST1 – 2s, two FY2 doctors, a GP Registrar and one Trust Grade Doctor.   

The unit is situated mainly on the ground floor of the hospital and offers numerous learning opportunities for all levels of trainees. There are about 3,400 deliveries per year. The Labour Ward has daytime Consultant cover and three nights per week of Consultant cover. This offers great opportunities for both the Middle Grade and first on-call trainees. All Consultants assist with teaching and educational supervision of trainees. There is weekly Wednesday lunchtime teaching for the junior trainees, Monday lunchtime obstetric case notes review and some teaching on Friday afternoons. Monthly clinical governance sessions are undertaken giving an opportunity for trainees to develop and present audits, along with some statutory training. 

All Consultants have varying specialities and specialist interests which allows us to offer the majority of Advanced Training Skills Modules (ATSM), such as, Labour Ward lead, Maternal Medicine, Colposcopy, Benign Gynaecology surgery, Uro-Gynaecology, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Vulva disorders and many more.  

At present there are three Consultants who specialise in fetal scanning and one session per week for consultant earlt pregnancy scanning. This enables the trainees who come to York to obtain their practical training for the basic ultrasound module.  

Feedback from the recent rotations of trainees has been consistently good and suggested that we were a very supportive department.

Miss Claire Oxby, RCOG Tutor in Obs & Gynae