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Study Leave Policy and Forms from January 2023

The School of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has created the following processes to ensure consistency through the utilisation and approval of study leave and its associated expenses.

While local procedures may differ within units, all trainees must follow the relevant Schools procedures when applying for study leave. 


Study Leave for SST Trainees


The Lead Dean has clarified the following with regards to who was responsible for study leave funding for subspecialty trainees: 

Subspecialty trainees pre-CCT in home deanery – funded by the home deanery  

Subspecialty trainees pre-CCT on OOPT away from home deanery – funded by host deanery

Subspecialty trainees pre-CCT Board/Trust funded post that is approved for training– funded by the deanery that the Trust/Board that the hospital is in. Subspecialty trainees post-CCT – funded by Trust/Board providing the training