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The RCOG have produced guidance for trainees on using eportfolio. 

For any queries regarding ePortfolio, please email


ePortfolio has been the main training record for all ST1 trainees in post since 2008. It contains the curricula and Decision-Aids to inform you of what is expected from you at each stage of your training programme as competences are acquired. It contains PDPs (Personal Development Plans) and areas for reflective practice. Some areas are restricted for trainee access alone, others for trainer access alone. Educational Supervisor reports should be completed via ePortfolio.
It is expected that your ePortfolio will be updated on a regular basis throughout your training. 

Your ePortfolio will be used as evidence for your ARCP.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your post details and Supervisors' details are correct. If these are incorrect or if your Educational and/or Clinical Supervisor does not have access to your ePortfolio, please email to request access. Please ensure you include the name of the Supervisor that you need adding. 

Guidance on Using your Personal Library

Please be aware that the personal library section of your eportfolio has a maximum capacity of 200MB. Only information applicable to your next ARCP needs to be in your personal library, therefore please feel free to delete items once you have progressed to the next ST level and these are no longer relevant.

Folders can only be created in the personal library prior to uploading documents. Once uploaded, documents cannot be moved in to folders and would instead need to be deleted and re-uploaded to the correct folder. Folders are useful for both you and trainers who are reviewing your eportfolio as it makes it quicker and easier to find relevant information. 
We recommend as a minimum that trainees have a folder for each ST year. Within this it may also be useful to have sub-folders in line with the curriciulum e.g. courses, certificates, audits etc.