2021 ARCP Dates

Remote reviews: 26th February
Feedback: 4th March
Remote reviews: 4th June and 11th June
Feedback: 18th June
Remote reviews:10th September
Feedback: 17th September
Remote reviews: 3rd December
Feedback: 10th December


Remote reviews: 5th February
Feedback: 4th March
Remote reviews: 10th, 14th and 18th June
Feedback: 22nd June
Remote reviews: 17th September
Feedback: 24th September
Remote reviews: 2nd December
Remote: 18th February
Feedback: 4th March


Remote reviews: 4th March
Feedback: 12th March
Lockdown: 22nd February
Remote reviews: 16th and 18th June
Feedback: 21st amd 24th June
Lockdown: 2nd June
Remote reviews: 21st September
Feedback: 27th September
Lockdown: 10th September
Remote review: 13th December
Feedback: 17th December
Lockdown: 3rd December
Review: 3rd March
Feedback: 10th March



Please note that HEE working across Yorkshire and the Humber has published ARCP guidance relating to all Specialties: https://www.yorksandhumberdeanery.nhs.uk/specialty_training/appraisal__assessment 

The Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) will take place every year for every trainee.  We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the ARCP process as soon as possible, rather than waiting to be called for your ARCP.

Dates of upcoming ARCPs are advertised on this website. You will be given at least six weeks notice of your ARCP to ensure the necessary documentation is uploaded to your eportfolio. However, we recommend that you update your eportfolio throughout the year. You will need to have a completed Educational Supervisor's report and therefore please allow time to meet with your Supervisor prior to your ARCP.

Please make sure that you have made yourself aware of the ARCP requirements and have the most up-to-date RCOG matrix. All competencies must be met for you to be awarded an outcome 1.

Every day of your training must be covered by an ARCP. You will receive a non-assessment form for any period of time that does not count towards your training e.g. maternity leave, sick leave (more than 14 days). You will receive an outcome 8 for a period of out of programme that does not count towards your CCT.

There is a section on ARCPs on the RCOG website which may be useful for you.

It is your responsibility to keep a copy of each of your ARCP forms. You will need these when applying for CCT.



Outcomes that can be achieved through your ARCP Assessment
Satisfactory Progress

Outcome 1

Achieving progress and competencies at the expected rate (Clinical)
Achieving progress and competencies at the expected rate (Academic)

Unsatisfactory or insufficient evidence (trainee must meet with panel)
Outcome 2

Development of specific competences required - additional training time not required

Outcome 3

Inadequate progress by the trainee - additional training time required

Outcome 4

Released from training programme with or without specified competences
Released from academic programme

Outcome 5

Incomplete evidence presented - additional training time may be required

Outcome 5 to be reviewed withon 2-4 weeks.

Recommendation for completion of training
Outcome 6

Gained all required competencies (Clinical)
Gained all required competencies (Academic)

Outcomes for trainees out of programme or not in run-through training
Outcome 7

Fixed-Term Competencies Achieved

Outcome 8

Out of programme research/experience/career break approved

Outcome 9

Top-up training (outcome should be indicated in one of the areas above)