Health, Stress and Wellbeing

Sadly, as doctors, we are not immune to stress, and we have our fair share of health problems too. This page aims to highlight the resources available to you:

HEE have produced an exhaustive list of multiple different resources available to trainees which can be downloaded HERE

General Practitioner (GP)

Even though you are a doctor you should not depend upon your own knowledge, or that of your friends and colleagues for your health needs. You should have an independent General Practitioner (GP) who can prioritise your health needs confidentially and without bias. Hence, all Anaesthesia trainees are required to have their own GP. You can see your GP for all day-to-day health issues, and you may be advised to see your GP for a sick note if your absence is expected to me more than a few days, or you have health issues that will require management outside the workplace environment.

Out of Hours GP access and advice can be obtained by dialling 111 from any UK phone.

Emergency Department (A+E)

In the event of any emergency you should call 999 on any phone, or attend the Accident and Emergency Department (A+E) at your nearest hospital.

Occupational Health

Each Trust will have an Occupational Health (OH) service that supports the health of its employees. The exact contact details for each Trust is beyond the scope of this webpage, but you can usually contact you OH department in-hours directly through your Trust's intranet or switchboard. OH can be contacted for health issues related to the workplace e.g. contact dermatitis or as advice regarding needle stick injuries, including Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP). You may be asked to see your OH department after a period of ill health to assess your health needs and to make any reasonable modifications to your work environment, if required.

Counselling, Stress Management and Psychological Support

Health Education England has commissioned local services to deliver FREE access to councelling and support services for trainees within Yorkshire and the Humber. The arrangements are slightly different between the different Hubs. East and West Yorkshire have access to Take Time, whereas South Yorkshire has access to Workplace Wellbeing. The referral process and contact details are available through the HEE central webpages HERE.

In addition, Leeds has prioritised Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT). This can be accessed through 

Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Medicine as a whole, and Anaesthesia as a career is inherently stressful, and is a job that often leads to people ruminating about decisions made and previous events. One way of helping to address this is via 'Mindfulness'

For a 5 minute introduction to the topic explaining what it is and what it may be good for try the e-LfH module at

After doing that you may want to consider exploring it further and there are many resources both online, in books and on mobile apps that may help you with this.


HEE provides free Coaching sessions. More information is available HERE

Dyslexia screening

We suggest that all trainees who require an extension to training at ARCP (outcome 3) as a result of WRITTEN exam failure undertake dyslexia screening.

The HEE policy for access to dyslexia screening is available at the bottom of the page on the policies section of the generic HEE website HERE