Health Education England Yorkshire and Humber (HEEYH)
Professional and Wellbeing Support (PaWS)

We know that postgraduate medical and dental trainees will experience health, behavioural, performance, personal or educational difficulties during their training. Our Professional & Wellbeing Support resources have been established to help. 

Our view is that trainees should be able to access support quickly, where they work.  Medical Education teams in our Trusts are at the heart of that support and trainees should visit their local Postgraduate centres when they need help.  To support that 'first-line' help, HEE YH offer a faculty of expertise, strengthened systems of information transfer, educational resources to ensure consistency and quality of support, careers support and the continuation of funded psychological and counselling services.

The links on this page will take you to a suite of resources available to you right now.  If you have further questions or you don't see what you need, please write to us on