Trainers and Faculty Development

Trainers are our most important resource, ensuring that junior doctors are receiving the right training in the right place at the right time. Trainers may be managing as a Head of School or Training Programme Director, planning local delivery as a College Tutor, or appraising and supervising as a Clinical or Educational supervisor. Regional advisers to the Colleges add additional local expertise and national context. Each of these roles has a job description, partly to create focus and accountability, but mostly to help to guide and develop people working within a complex environment. Some trainers extend this by adding an educational qualification to refine their practical teaching experience. If the answers to questions are not found here, advice is always readily available from the Associate Postgraduate Deans, the Deputy Postgraduate Deans, and the Postgraduate Dean.

Service work should be a continual source of experiential learning, supported by well defined non-clinical activity based around delivery of the curriculum. Quality Assurance of the programmes is a priority; we are asking the trainees for more feedback on their experiences, while our offices are continually improving their administrative functions to keep pace with the needs of the trainers and the trainees.

All Trainers and Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber Representatives should have undertaken an Equality and Diversity course within the last 3 years.

Secondary Care Trainer Accreditation

The General Medical Council (GMC) published a phased process for implementing new arrangements for accrediting Trainers in August 2012. Four key milestones were outlined in the Paper  “Recognising and approving trainers: the implementation plan".

All Trusts, as Local Education Providers, currently need to have met the Milestone 3 criteria. This requires confirming that full information has been entered for all medical trainers in the named Educational Supervisor and named Clinical Supervisor roles and categorised as provisionally or fully trained.

HEYH has facilitated this process by developing a blended e- learning programme for all supervisors that meets the professional standards for trainers from the Academy of Medical Educators. Furthermore to assist LEP's in compliance, and as required by the GMC, the LETB has developed a trainer accreditation policy, which can be found on our policies section of the website.

To facilitate the successful achievement of the GMC milestones a task and finish group has been developed with stakeholder representation from across the Y&H region.  Outcomes and action points are circulated to all Trusts.

To provide further support for Directors of Medical Education and Medical Education Managers an FAQ document has been developed.

E-learning Modules for Trainers

Public Health Education Supervisors training

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Clinical Supervision

This e-learning module is available via The Learning Hub. You will be able to create an account (or use an existing one) to access the content and download a completion report once the module has been completed. 

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