Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

Trainer and Faculty Development

Trainers are our most important resource, ensuring that junior doctors and dentists are receiving the right training, in the right place, at the right time.

Trainers may be managing as a Head of School or Training Programme Director, planning local delivery as a College Tutor, or appraising and supervising as a Clinical or Educational supervisor. Regional advisers to the Colleges add additional local expertise and national context. Each of these roles has a job description, partly to create focus and accountability, but mostly to help to guide and develop people working within a complex environment. Some trainers extend this by adding an educational qualification to refine their practical teaching experience. If the answers to questions are not found here, advice is always readily available from the Associate Postgraduate Deans, the Deputy Postgraduate Deans, and the Postgraduate Dean.

Service work should be a continual source of experiential learning, supported by well defined non-clinical activity based around delivery of the curriculum.

NHS England Workforce, Training and Education is committed to ensuring that trainers across Yorkshire and Humber have additional developmental and educational opportunities to enhance their skillsets and provide them with the tools necessary to be the best educators they can be. These webpages provide details of the opportunities available to trainers.