Educational Supervisor Training

Educational Supervisors Training Package

Delivery method: Blended Learning

The role of the Educational Supervisor in developing tomorrow’s doctors has been firmly established and enhanced. “The New Doctor” (GMC) was published 1997; “A Guide to Registrar Training” 1998 (Department of Health) commonly known as the Orange Guide and later revised as “A Guide to Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK in 2007” (The Gold Guide)

Effective educational supervision is at the core of Postgraduate training in all medical specialties. It follows that a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities is fundamental to effective educational supervision. There are a number of competencies required to facilitate good educational supervision so that the trainee’s opportunities for professional development are maximised. Unfortunately a small percentage of trainees experience problems during the course of their postgraduate training. In these circumstances skilled help is required to assess and enable progress. 

The new Health Education England Blended Learning Course is designed to allow Consultants involved in Educational and Clinical Supervision to perform their role in this regard effectively, enjoyably and to trainers’ and trainees’ mutual satisfaction. Clearly from the Trust’s perspective, arranging appropriate educational and clnical supervision is important for governance, risk and patient safety reasons.

The new programme is now available to Trust employees via NLMS.  Please log in as you usually would for Trust e-learning courses, then select Course catalogue, then Postgraduate Health Care and Medical Education and then under the subheading of Junior Doctors

000YH Medical Supervisors e-learning

STH Sheffield staff please email PALMS@sth.nhs.uk for login credentials if you do not have access to the PALMS system for this course

For those who do not have Trust logins the programme can be accessed via the following link providing you have an e-mail suffix of .nhs.uk or .nhs.net



Course Outline

The new format of blended e-learning & face to face delivery will consist of an online module and a half day face to face classroom session to complete the course. 

The online learning will take approximately 3 hours to complete and the areas covered are:

  1. Supervision
  2. Assessment
  3. Trainees in Difficulty

It is important to complete all 3 sections of the e-learning programme before attending the half day face to face training session and to bring your development plan template from the e-learning to the face to face session.

Please click on this link:  Maxcourse  and create your user account, following the instructions below: 

Click on ‘New user – start here’

After you have created your account, you will need to ensure that the following additional fields in ‘User Details’ are completed in order to be able to book onto a course:

Profession – Select the one/s that apply, this will be used to confirm you are applying for courses relevant to your current grade.

 The following fields can be found under ‘Personal details’ in the ‘User Details’section

  • Gender
  • Main occupation – please select the one that best describes your current grade
  • Specialty – Select from drop down list
  • Trust – Select appropriate trust or ‘Not trust based’ if that is applicable

  Click on ‘My Courses’ to see the list of courses you are booked on to.


Dates and locations for the face to face sessions are listed below.   






08/06/2018 PSYCHIATRISTS ONLY 8.45-12.30 Leeds Willow Terrace Road


1.00-5.00 Leeds Willow Terrace Road
29/06/2018   8.30-12.30 Airedale General Hospital Education Centre, Room 3
20/07/2018   1.30-4.30 Chesterfield Hospital Education Centre, Room 2A
21/09/2018 PSYCHIATRISTS ONLY 8.45-12.30 Sheffield Don Valley House
21/09/2018 PSYCHIATRISTS ONLY 1.00-5.00 Sheffield Don Valley House
09/11/2018 PSYCHIATRISTS ONLY 8.45-12.30 Leeds Willow Terrace Road
09/11/2018 PSYCHIATRISTS ONLY 1.00-5.00 Leeds Willow Terrace Road
12/11/2018   1.30-4.30 Chesterfield Hospital Education Centre, Room 2A
More dates will be added for 2018 shortly.        
15/03/2019   1.30-4.30 Chesterfield Hospital Education Centre, Room 2A
22/07/2019   1.30-4.30 Chesterfield Hospital

Education Centre, Room 2A


Please book the dates below by contacting Kate Guest (Deputy Medical Education Centre Manager) at Kate.Guest@sth.nhs.uk


Face to Face Educational Supervisor Training

Time:   1.30pm-5pm

Date:   Monday 25 June 2018

Venue: Room 6, R Floor, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield


Face to Face Educational Supervisor Training

Time:   1.30pm-5pm

Date:   Friday 28 September 2018

Venue: Room 2, R Floor, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield



Support for Educational Supervisors around LTFTT

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) has developed an e-learning session for Educational Supervisors of less than full time (LTFT) trainee doctors. The session aims to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to effectively supervise a LTFT trainee and raise awareness of the supervisors’ responsibilities.

 HEE is committed to improving Junior Doctors’ working lives and championing flexible working more broadly. With work/life balance highlighted as a mounting concern to doctors in training, and the risk of “burnout” affecting recruitment and retention in some specialties, the need for increased understanding and positive promotion of Less than Full Time Training is essential.

Course Outline

  • 20-25 minute e-learning session for supervision of a less than full time trainee
  • Your duties as a supervisor of a LTFT trainee under the Equality Act 2010
  • The implications of LTFT training in relation to Certificates of Completion Training (CCT) dates, Annual Reviews of Competence Progression (ARCPs) and training extensions
  • What LTFT training is and reasons why trainees may wish to apply
  • The benefits of LTFT training
  • How LTFT training is arranged and the different types of post arrangements available.

Target Audience

  • Highly recommended for completion by all Educational Supervisors, Training Programme Directors and Heads of School.


  • To access the learning content please follow this link: http://portal.e-lfh.org.uk/Component/Details/473676
  • If you already have an account with e-LfH you can log in at this stage to access the content. Otherwise please register for an account using your work email address.