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Welcome to the Yorkshire and Humber School of Public Health We are a dynamic, friendly, and supportive speciality school delivering high quality, comprehensive training for individuals wishing to become Consultants in Public Health.

The whole school is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and we have reviewed our approach to this recently. We want to help more people with varied experiences, backgrounds and ideas thrive as future leaders and do our part to tackle the systemic injustices that make it harder for brilliant people to contribute as leaders.

Our school is based in Leeds, but we provide training opportunities across the whole of the North, East, South and West Yorkshire, incorporating large cities, smaller towns, and rural settings, and including populations of significant affluence and marked deprivation. Our registrars gain public health experience within many settings, including local authorities, national and local NHS organisations, academic institutions, and Public Health England. We also support more diverse training opportunities, reflecting the expanding role of public health across different organisations. We currently have 38 registrars on our training programme.

To find out more about some of our current trainees, click here. To hear from some of our Educational Supervisors, please click here.

Our website provides useful information for anyone interested or involved in public health training in Yorkshire and Humber. The pages in the Public Health Menu above provide more details about the school, recruitment, and training, as well as links to other information sources. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please let us know  let us know.

The two videos below are essential viewing for anyone thinking about applying to our programme. The first video is by Professor Val Barker, Head of School of Public Health which provides an overview about what public health is and what the programme involves.  There have been a few changes since this video was made; all training is in two phases only (phase 1 and phase 2) and Part A and Part B exams are now known as the Diplomate and Membership exams.

In addition, Susy Stirling, who was a Training Programme Director, has now left but continues to support the school in a variety of training events which she leads. In addition, Val Barker has now been joined by Susan Hird and Shirley Brierley who are the current Training Programme Directors. Also, all exams are now online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will remain so until 2023 when the Membership exam will become face to face again. We have maintained all aspects of our training programme in the pandemic, although much of the work has been online, and public health work has been continued to be key to enabling an effective response to the pandemic and its consequences.

The second video was recorded last year; if you are intending to attend the annual Open Day recruitment day in October please view this 2 hour recording before you do as it will give you an excellent grounding for this event. Dates for the October Open Day for recruitment will be circulated in September or contact us as above. We look forward to seeing you then.





Ms Val Barker
Head of School of Public Health



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