Good preparation is key to a successful ARCP. The steps to achieving this are detailed below. Click on the individual steps to get more information and to see useful links.

STEP 1: Find out the ARCP dates for the year using the ARCP Calendar

The dates for ARCP are usually published a year in advance. They are available HERE. You will be allocated one of the published dates several weeks in advance. If you cannot make one of the dates (e.g. due to leave) then you must contact the admin team in advance. 

STEP 2: Download the ARCP Checklist

Checklists which detail what is required for ARCP and to aid preparation are available HERE 

STEP 3: Meet with your ES throughout the year and ensure meetings are documented in your portfolio
The key to successful preparation lies in keeping your portfolio up to date and maintaining regular contact with your educational supervisor.
Your progress will be measured against the requirements of the curriculum as set out by the RCoA and GMC. It is essential that trainees and their ESs know what is expected at each stage of training and refer to these requirements when creating their Learning Agreement/PDP with their ES.
This is a link to the Curriculum on the RCoA website HERE.
STEP 4: Undertake an MSF
Using the LLP, invites can be sent at any time throughout the year. 
Once you are satisfied that you have enough feedback you will need to request closure. The feedback will then be sent to your ES for them to see it and release it for you to view and reflect upon at your ES meeting.
A minimum of 12 respondents is required from a mix of suitable colleagues. 
Don’t leave this too late in the year, you need to ensure there is time for raters to respond and for your ES to moderate the report. The whole process can easily take a couple of months.
STEP 5: Arrange to meet with your ES to prepare the Educational Supervisors Summary Report (ESSR) at least 6 weeks before the ARCP date.
The ESSR is the single most important document required for ARCP. If completed fully and accurately, it will ensure that the ARCP panel have access to all the relevant evidence to make an assessment. Remember, the ESSR has to be signed off by your ES AND College tutor so make sure you initiate this at least 4 weeks prior to your ARCP.
STEP 6: Send your Form R (Part B) to the admin support team at HEE-YH and upload to the LLP
You will be asked to complete a Form R (Part B) for revalidation and upload a copy to your portfolio before your ARCP. Details about this are available HERE
This important document must be up to date and must reflect ALL clinical practice undertaken in the year the ARCP is assessing. This includes paid and unpaid work, inside and outside of NHS institutions. Time out of training must be accurately recorded.
Trainees on parental leave will also be required to submit a Form R (Part B). Although their portfolio will not be assessed and an N2 (not assessed for Parental leave) will be recorded, the Form R is essential for reporting any incidents prior to commencement of PL.