Primary Course (South Yorks).

South Yorkshire Primary Course

primary_course_449x358.jpgKey Points

  • We advise our trainees to take the primary at one year - after a year you will have mastered the clinical basics enough to talk about them in an exam plus it gives a reasonable number of attempts should you fail the exam
  • The course is based mainly on passing the SOE. 
  • We have moved away from didactic knowledge lectures after discovering that our MCQ pass rates were very high - trainees tended to fail the latter stages due to problems with execution in the exam
  • You will be enrolled on the course automatically


  • Pass your IAC and get used to being an anaesthetist for six months
  • Rotate to your new hospital - start revising at this point
  • You will attend the "Introduction to the Exam" session - this will scare you and make you work harder
  • You will be attend a series of SOE practice sessions
  • After passing the MCQ you will attend more SOE practice sessions
  • You will then attend the real SOE/OSCE - you will be battle hardened by all the practice and so your stress levels wil be much lower and you will have a better chance of passing!

The Course is run by Dr Sug Siddiqui, one of the TPDs in the South and a Consultant at Barnsley District General Hospital


An intensive Primary FRCA exam preparation course – run by a Consultant from the South Yorkshire region of the Health Education England - Yorkshire and the Humber – ‘not for profit’ course prior to OSCE/SOE college exam

Further details to follow about future courses.