School of Anaesthesia Trainee Induction


This page contains useful documents/downloads/presentations/links which were discussed at the Yorkshire & the Humber School Induction held on 12 August 2019



ACCS Anaesthesia Year ONE (Emergency Medicine/Acute Medicine)

If you would like to see the induction presentation for ACCS Year 1 made by Rose Lefley then please see the video on the Induction pages HERE

You may find that you cannot add your Clinical Supervisor during your first year, as they will not be anaesthetists. If your CS does not have LLp access,ask them to complete the linked document here and forward it to the RCoA (  from their work email address.

ARCP Excel Tool: An Excel Spreadsheet of all the required competencies (Core Major Presentations, Core Acute Presentations, Practical procedures etc) has been created by Dr Marc Fadden. It will track which competencies have been completed as you tick them off.

CMPs, CAPs (RL): A Word document detailing the CMPs, CAPs etc designed by Dr Rose Lefley for keeping in one's bag and signing off as you go along.

Core PPs (RL): A Word document detailing the Practical Procedures already completed, designed by Dr Rose Lefley for keeping in one's bag and signing off as you go along.

CCs (RL): A Word document detailing the Common Competencies for sign off by the ES or CS, designed by Rose Lefley.

HEE ARCP Checklist: CT1 Checklist for ARCP can be downloaded

EM Appendices: The ACCS WPBA guide from the Royal College of EMERGENCY MEDICINE which features paper based versions of the WPBA forms


Core Anaesthesia and ST Anaesthesia

ARCP Checklist: A pan-deanery checklist for preparation for ARCP for all Core and Specialist Training trainees.


Lifelong Learning platform (LLp) guidance: