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How do we evidence previously completed units of training on the new curriculum?
  • Download previously completed CUT forms, upload them onto LLP as a PDF and link them into the new domains.
All my previous doughnuts have disappeared. Where are my assessments?
  • On your main learning page, scroll to ‘Recent Activity’ and click on ‘View all my form submissions’. This will take you to a long list of all your assessments and activities. Sadly, it’s all chronological and therefore a bit difficult to get a good overview.
For those who have been out of training and not transitioned to the LLP previously does all evidence need uploading onto the LLP under the new curriculum domains?

Using the LLP is mandatory once you have entered Specialty Training and is the best place to collate evidence of training. If you have not been using the LLP then you will need to upload evidence that you wish to count towards Stage 1 completion. This evidence should be linked to the relevant domains. However, bear in mind that, since you will have a Core Level Training Certificate or Core Level Equivalence, you only need to demonstrate that you have bridged the gap between this and Stage 1 completion

If you have completed Core training and have your CLTC, what further evidence is required to complete Stage 1 beyond linking old evidence into the new domains?
  • Stage 1 curriculum requirements are on the College website
  • Please bear in mind that you only have to produce evidence that you have bridged the gap between Completion of Core Training and Stage 1 Completion.
  • The RCoA document regarding CT3 top-up training is helpful in highlighting what the gap is likely to be
If my LLP has moved onto the 2021 curriculum do I still need to link to/get ‘Stage 1 Top-Up’ domain re-signed?
  • As you have started ST3 in Aug 21, you will need to complete Stage 1 requirements by end of ST3.
  • This can be achieved by completing the Stage 1 HALOs using evidence from your Core Training, any time spent out of training since completing Core Training and any new evidence since starting ST3.
  • The top up domain is more likely to be used by anaesthetists not in training though you can link evidence to it, if you wish.
Can we start linking evidence into Stage 2, eg. if doing tertiary paediatrics during ST3, prior to completing Stage 1?
  • Yes, cardiac and neuro completed in ST3 can be linked to Stage 2. Paediatrics and obstetrics can also be linked to Stage 2 if you have already met the Stage 1 requirements for those Domains.
Once I have finished my stage 1 gap analysis and have my certificate, can I start Stage 2?
  • Yes. However, the advice is to continue to gather Stage 2 evidence whilst officially still in Stage 1 so as not to reduce the amount of time available to you to complete the Final FRCA Exam.
Does my COVID ICU time count towards the 6m of ICU if I was a core trainee with only 3m ICU?
  • As long as you were solely based on ICU for 3 extra months, you may be able to count this towards your time. Discuss with the ICU lead and/or FICM Tutor from the relevant ICU. If they agree, then ensure it is confirmed in writing and uploaded on to the LLP ICM domain.
Who signs off the HALO forms for the gap analysis
  • Generic Professional Domains by ES/CS/QI Lead
  • Clinical domains by ES/CS/nominated sign off consultants. Check with College Tutor.
Who signs off the HALO forms once you progress to Stage 2?
  • Generic Professional Domains by ES/CS/QI Lead
  • Clinical domains by ES/CS/nominated sign off consultants. Check with College Tutor.
Can my ES sign off the various domains without me having to upload all the evidence again?
  • Yes. If you sit down with your ES/CS and look through the evidence together you can then summarise this within the HALO.
How many MTRs do I need in ST3?
  • Minimum of one MTR for each year of training, plus one for each specialist area (i.e. obstetrics, ITU, cardiac, paediatrics, neuro)
Do I need a Triple C form for obstetrics and paediatrics in ST3 in order to get the general anaesthesia module signed off?

The Triple C form is needed for cardiac, neuro, paediatrics and obstetrics. However, if you have completed the above specialty modules in ST3 as part of intermediate training (2010 curriculum), you can use the CUT form as evidence

Do we need to get EPA 1-4 signed off on the LLP if we have already completed IAC and IACOA on the 2010 curriculum?

No, provided you upload your CLTC/CLE to the LLP as these are an obligatory component for Completion of Core Training.