ST5 (plus 6-7) Frequently asked questions

As the majority of trainees who are currently ST6 and ST7 will remain on the old curriculum until their CCT this section is more heavily weighted to ST5 trainees. Nevertheless, ST6 and 7 trainees should find answers to any of their questions here, or on the appendices and links on the previous page.



I am an ST5. Will I transition onto the new curriculum?
  • If your CCT date is after 31 January 2024 you will be moved onto the new curriculum. Beware that this will include people who have their CCT date moved back because of mat/pat leave, OOPEs, research, starting dual training, etc. This date is set by the RCoA and approved by the GMC.
  • Recently, the RCoA have also e-mailed all TPDs advising that CCT dates that fall between 1st and 13th Feb 2024 (both inclusive) will also be brought forward to 31st Jan 2024 so that this cohort of trainees can also remain in the old (2010) curriculum.
I have just transitioned on to the new Curriculum. All my previous doughnuts have disappeared. Where are my assessments?
  • On your main learning page, scroll to ‘Recent Activity’ and click on ‘View all my form submissions’. This will take you to a long list of all your assessments and activities. Sadly, it’s all chronological and therefore a bit difficult to get a good overview.
How do we evidence previously completed units of training on the new curriculum?
  • Download previously completed CUT forms, upload them onto LLP as a PDF and link them into the new domains. Any evidence that you have uploaded in the first place eg. certificates and personal activities can still be edited and linked into the new curriculum.
I have completed Intermediate training and have my ILTC, what further evidence is required to complete Stage 2 beyond linking old evidence into the new domains?
  • The 7 non-clinical domains are new and require evidence. You can use evidence from ST3-ST5 rather than having to re-do these in entirety during ST5. The College website has a list of examples of evidence that can be linked to the non-clinical domains. You are not expected to satisfy all examples but a selection from the list for each domain will be useful.
  • Details of GAP analysis in ST5 (Stage 2) can be obtained from the link below –

Can we start linking evidence into Stage 3, eg. if doing tertiary paediatrics during ST5, prior to completing Stage 2?
  • Generally speaking, yes. As the new curriculum is competency- rather than time-based you can link any experience gained into the curriculum. This includes experience gained when not in training posts as long as you can evidence it.
  • However, in relation to paediatrics, this should be discussed with the paediatric team in the tertiary hospital. Not all trainees will have had the opportunity to complete Intermediate Level Paediatrics in a tertiary centre; those who haven’t are strongly advised to link tertiary paediatric experience to Stage 2 as GAP analysis for ST5 (and not towards Stage 3).
Once I have finished my stage 2 gap analysis and have my certificate, can I start Stage 3?
  • Yes, you can begin to collate evidence for the next Stage of training for any Domain in which your HALO is completed
  • However, if you complete a Stage in its entirety and wish to move into the next stage early then you will need an Interim ARCP to confirm the start date of the next level of training
  • It is important to bear in mind that any adjustment to your provisional CCT date would be decided by the RCoA training department. There is no guarantee that your CCT will be brought forward and you may be asked for a narrative summary to support an adjustment. The final decision rests with the College.
Does my COVID ICU time count towards the 9/12 of ICU if I was a core trainee with only 6/12 ICU?
  • Possibly, but you will need to discuss with the FICM Tutor/ICM sign off consultant in the department where you were redeployed to Covid ICM. The RCoA have stated ‘It is possible that some of this time in redeployment may count towards training, if it has occurred contemporaneously to the level of training being signed off.  However, in most cases we would not expect that the competencies achieved will be sufficient to complete units of training in ICM due to the specific nature of care provided during the COVID pandemic.’...
  • Please also see FAQ in ST4 section regarding Stage 2 ICM equivalence
Who signs off the HALO forms for the gap analysis?
  • Generic Professional Domains can be signed off by your Educational or Clinical supervisor or QI Lead.
  • Clinical domains - local arrangements will be in place. Please discuss with your College Tutor & Educational supervisor.
  • ICM will be signed off by the FICM Tutor or by a designated ICM consultant only.
Who signs off the HALO forms once you progress to Stage 3?
  • Generic Professional Domains will usually be completed by the Educational or Clinical supervisor or QI Lead.
  • Clinical domains may be your ES/CS or a nominated consultant/module supervisor. Check with your College Tutor.
Can my ES sign off the various domains without me having to upload all the evidence again?
  • Yes. If you sit down with your ES/CS and look through the evidence together you can then summarise this within the HALO.
Do I need to do anything about stage 1?
  • As you are currently in ST5, you will be expected to complete the GAP analysis and for Stage 2 certificate only. You are already well past Stage 1
  • However, do ensure your ILTC is completed and visible on the LLP.
When do exams need to be completed?
  • You need to have completed the full final FRCA by the end of ST5, i.e. to complete stage 2.