Post Fellowship Teaching

The Post fellowship teaching days in each of the three hubs are aimed at preparing for the consultant role through the development management and leadership skills, gaining an insight into the strategic direction of the NHS and updates on clinical topics of interest. 
Senior trainees in each of the three hubs usually take ownership for running the post fellowship programmes in their hubs while welcoming colleagues from other hubs to attend. 
The Leeds hub has a ‘TUFTY club’ for post fellowship education days. In the Hull hub, Dr Anne-Mair Hammond Jones mentors the senior trainee who organises the program locally.
The school also funds a ‘Yorkshire Anaesthetic Trainee Conference’ (YATC) which is organised by a post fellowship registrar. This venue for this conference rotates between the three hubs and offers networking opportunities while providing a forum for presentation of trainee research and QI projects. Registration for the YATC is free and a presentation made at the YATC will be counted as regional presentation. You are encouraged to use one of your study leave days to attend the YATC.

West Yorkshire

'Tufty Club'

The "Tufty Club" runs alternate months. It is on the last Friday of the month (except in November when it's a week early). Each day covers themed clinical and non-clinical topics which are mapped to the RCoA curriculum.
For more information please contact the consultant organisers: Paul Underwood or Paul Panesar (
Next Tufty Club meetings (virtual):
Friday, 27 November 2020
Friday, 22 January 2021

East Yorkshire

Hull Royal Infirmary

These teachings will be held in the Anaesthetic Department, Hull Royal Infirmary. Please email if you would like to attend any of these days.


South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire Regional teaching is now divided into CT and ST regional teaching, to make sure teaching is delivered at an appropriate level for your stage of training 

It runs currently as one half day or full day per month and you will be released from your training day or oncall day to attend.

The CT regional teaching is CART (CT Anaesthetic Regional Teaching). This is run between Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster Hospitals.

The ST regional teaching programme is START (ST Anaesthetic Regional Teaching). This is run between the Hallamshire, Northern and the Children’s Hospitals.

Dates will be added to the regional pages here