The Dental Trainee Forum is a novel dental forum that is ran by Dental Core and Specialty Trainees. It will be held every quarter in collaboration with the Dental Deans. 

The focus of this forum is to try and bridge the gap between HEE and trainees, where trainees’ voices can be heard, and where appropriate, influence change.

The aim of this venture is to improve communication about education and training experience, whilst also increasing trainees understanding of HEE functions.

The ultimate goal is that this improved communication will allow trainees to gain invaluable leadership experience, whilst also positively influencing the design of educational and training posts for current and future trainees to come. If you want to get in touch with the dental trainee forum to give feedback on your training experience, then please contact us on the email below. (Trainee Forum Secretary)

Alternatively, if you would like to ask a question, raise a concern or share good news please fill out this form:
Please note, forms can be filled out anonymously but it may affect our ability to completely answer your question or address your concern.