About DCT3 Oral Medicine, OMFS Radiology & Oral Pathology

  • Ideal post for clinician intending to apply for Specialty training as adds expertise in areas that most clinicians have limited experience of, and so sets you apart.
  • Opportunity to complete PG Cert in Health Research, giving enhanced knowledge of research methodologies, critical appraisal, & clinical application of evidence. Useful for both academics and non-academic clinicians intending to stay within the hospital system.
  • Opportunity to engage in clinical governance and research projects with full support of senior clinicians/consultants. As an example, I will have completed 5 projects, presented 3 posters and 1 oral presentation, and written 1 paper by the end of this year.
  • In Oral Medicine you will see approx. 5-7 patients per session, both telephone and face to face appointments, with direct consultant support. Additionally you will run biopsy clinics every 2 weeks, and extensively utilise blood tests/CBCTs/ultrasounds/MRIs in diagnosis/management. By the end of the year, you will well versed in the management of routine oral medicine conditions and will have been involved with many difficult and unusual cases. There is also an excellent opportunity to engage in Paediatric – Oral Medicine MDT clinics.
  • In radiology you will be reporting CBCTs and plain film radiographs, with direct consultant support. Every 2 weeks you also assist in sialography with fluoroscopy lists, which you will eventually carry out yourself under consultant supervision. There is also an opportunity to engage in ultrasound lists.
  • The consultants in all departments are highly supportive, and several have academic/managerial expertise that provides a unique insight into both research and the running of the hospital & dental school, which is ideal for those intending to pursue consultancy.
  • Overall the hospital feels like a family, with general positivity and a strong team spirit. There are no rivalries here, with lots of support available if needed and an overall peaceful air.

Working in Yorkshire & Humber

  • Leeds has all the amenities of a modern city with a relaxed atmosphere. There is easy access to the countryside and plenty of outdoor activities to engage in. The local population is very polite and welcoming in my experience, and I would seriously consider settling here if I got a training post.

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