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Introduction to Training in OMFS (ITOMS)

The Introduction To Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (ITOMS) Course is intended to give transitional support to those new to working in hospital based Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS), particularly coming from Primary Care.

New starters appointed to Dental Core Training (DCT) year 1 or Joint Dental Foundation and Core Training (JDFCT) will be invited to attend the ITOMS course. New starters appointed to DCT2 or DCT3 are welcome to attend. 

It is an annual 2 day course which is conducted by the NHSE Yorkshire & Humber prior to the commencement of the Dental Core Training (DCT) in OMFS as a taster to familiarise, give valuable pointers to trainees to the vast and often daunting task of being a hospital dentist/doctor, outlining the  practical skills that are often required in oral and maxillofacial surgery .

The course content covers theoretical as well as practical stations. The talks are focussed on giving the top tips the OMFS hospital dentist requires to successfully navigate all the aspects of OMFS, longitudinal pathway of emergency & elective cases and help treat patients to a high standard. It orients the delegate, giving them the confidence required in starting the post and also provides information to maximise the opportunities that the post has to offer.

Critical aspects of maxillofacial trauma, maxillofacial emergencies, hospital management of surgical patients, management of complex oncology patients, importance of working in a team, time management & communication skills are outlined.

Delegates are exposed to practical stations simulated conditions to orient and develop clinical skills such as suturing, cannulation, insertion of NG tubes, practical aspects of trauma & acute emergency case management .

The course is designed to give a idea on how to build for the future, previous delegates who have attended, have rated the course very highly and it comes highly recommended by NHSE Yorkshire & Humber. We hope that every DCT in our region will endeavour to attend.

Mr Muzzammil Nusrath / Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals is the Director of the Course.

Mrs Ghazala Ahmad-Mear / Associate Postgraduate Dean for Dental Core Training  - providing support, guidance and quality assurance.

Dental Support - for information on registering for the course. 

A word from Mr Muzzammil Nusrath

I am really delighted to be a director for the ITOMS, we are constantly trying to improve the experience of our  DCTS. The ITOMS course is designed to be a taster session, to stimulate and help  focus on the year ahead & preparing you for an  acute hospital surgical speciality which covers a vast spectrum of diseases & conditions.

We are upgrading the course and will be  introducing videos and simulated scenarios, which we hope will help gain a deeper understanding of the critical steps involved in OMFS.

The basic outline of the course,  power point presentations/lectures , videos and important web links  will be constantly updated onto Blackboard and we hope this will prove to be a useful resource .

The course will give valuable insight into the workings of OMFS  and I hope you enjoy the course & find it useful. I wish you the best in  your training in the hospital post.


A word from Mrs Ghazala Ahmad-Mear 

Congratulations on gaining your DCT post, I am delighted to welcome you to your DCT post in the Yorkshire and the Humber region!

Having worked in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery for 30+ years, I am very familiar with the challenges you will face and so we have developed a path of transition for you in 3 sections.

1. Introduction: ITOMS is the first aspect of your transition into OMFS 29 and 30 Aug and I strongly urge you to attend.

2. Shadowing: opportunities in your unit – please contact your Training Programme Unit directly for more details.

3. Induction: starts Wednesday 4th September 2024 in your unit/Trust.

You will be well supported to be the best version of yourself and deliver your best to our patients. Work hard and above all, enjoy your training!


Feedback from last year's course

"The introduction regarding ward rounds, handover and theatre etiquette increased my confidence about starting my post because it gave me a detailed understanding about what to expect and how to prepare."

"It was very useful and gave me a brief overview of maxillofacial surgery and what I can expect when I start my job."

"I enjoyed receiving information on the DCT maxillofacial role from healthcare professionals working at varying levels (clinical fellow, registrar, consultant)."

"I loved the suturing workshop"

ITOMS 2023