Wider Leadership Offer

The national report "Leadership for Doctors in Postgraduate Medical Training" was published in July 2017.  This highlighted the importance of developing leadership skills in Doctors at all levels of training.  As Health Education England now represents all healthcare professionals, we are expanding this work to include professionals from the wider healthcare team. 

As a result of this we have reviewed our current offer within the region and are currently in the process of developing more opportunities. 

Further information is available by clicking on the overview document and the tabs below. 



Health Education England Leadership Courses

The region runs a variety of courses that cover leadership skills, including Human Factors training and Quality Improvement. Further information regarding this is available on max course.

Please see below for details of current courses available to Advanced Clinical Practitioners or doctors and public health registrars in training in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Foundation Doctors

A number of PDP days are dedicated to leadership training and quality improvement. Please see the foundation pages for further information regarding this.

ST/CT/GPST1-4 Level and ACPs

This is a new 1 day course offered from November 2018 onwards. All courses are delivered by our Regional Leadership Faculty that consists of current educators, consultants and trainees who currently work in the region. This course was co-designed to deliver training relevant to those at an early stage of training. Course content includes leadership skills and qualities, communication and conflict, strengths and preferences as a leader and signposting to further resources. These are available to book on max course.

ST5-7/Final Year Trainees

We run a variety of 2-3 day courses delivered by external providers who have a long history of providing courses for the region with excellent feedback. Each course varies slightly in content so you are advised to read the information provided on max course.


Improvement Academy

The Improvement Academy run a variety of courses on improvement science including Quality Improvement and Achieving Behaviour Change. These are free to access for NHS staff. For more information please see their website.


Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy offers a variety of programmes including the online Edward Jenner Programme, which can be accessed for free. There are a number of other opportunities available. Please see their website for more details.

Fellowship Posts

Yorkshire and the Humber are very lucky to host our own Fellowship scheme "The Future Leaders Programme".  Posts may specify particular professions, but many are available to doctors, public health registrars and dentists at ST3 or GPST2 level and above, qualified nurses, allied health professionals, pharmacists, healthcare scientists and SAS doctors and dentists.  This is a one year out of programme or secondment opportunity to work on a leadership project, undertake a postgraduate certificate and access a wide range of educational opportunities. For more information regarding the Future Leaders Programme please click here

Reading and Online Resources

The Regional Leadership faculty have developed a leadership reading and online resource list that you may find useful.


Coaching is time for you to think and is recognised as a key element of leadership development. The region offers all trainee doctors the opportunity to have 4-6 funded coaching sessions. Your coach won’t judge you, or give you advice.  This means it is okay to talk about anything that you feel gets in the way of you doing your best at work. You can really think things through in a way that is different to talking things over with a friend, partner, TPD or Educational Supervisor - all people who tend to have another agenda for you.  Your coach will support you, and challenge you if necessary, to help you reach a conclusion that is helpful and meaningful to you. Your sessions are completely confidential - your coaching is nothing to do with your performance in training, or your ARCP.

To find out more about the coaching scheme please click here

How should I develop leadership skills?

It is recommended that leadership is developed in a 70:20:10 approach (70% work based, 20% feedback and coaching, 10% taught courses). Information on taught courses and coaching is available on this page. You may find it useful to discuss with your current Supervisor potential opportunities in your workplace to develop these skills further. 

Please see our Regional Overview to find out about what we are aiming to offer within the region. 

A scoping exercise was done in 2017 to find out more about what was on offer in individual schools. You can view the responses here.

Who do I contact for further information?

Please e-mail leadershipfaculty.yh@hee.nhs.uk or futureleaders.yh@hee.nhs.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.