What is Spring / Autumn School?

Spring and Autumn School are usually annual, 4 day, events running in May and October. Each day contains a series of courses to choose from, aimed at the development of GP Trainers. The venue alternates between Hull, Leeds and Sheffield to enable access for all Trainers.

Autumn School 2020 is planned to run 6-9 October 2020. In a change to the usual format, we will be running this year virtually. The team are currently working on the programme and we will update this page with more information when available.


Autumn School 2020

Autumn School 2020 will run 6-9 October, virtually, via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

In each tab below you can view the courses running each day.

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Tuesday 6th October 2020

The new RCS Assessment


How to prepare trainees for the new RCA assessment Tips on best ways of preparing trainees, useful learning resources.  Opportunity for Q and A


Using Microsoft Teams for GP education


This session will introduce attendees to features of Microsoft teams which might be useful when using it for remote education purposes. Microsoft teams is continually evolving and the exact content will be dependant on the feature set available at the time.  Delegates will need a  hee.nhs.uk (preferably) email account or alternatively a MS Teams account on the NHS tenant in order to take part. The course structure will have attendees moving between different features of MS teams to interact and will require attendees to have the desktop version of MS Teams (either PC or Mac is OK).


Maintaining the Art of General Practice - Bridging the Gap


The life experience and medical education of our trainees may be very different to our own. This can create challenges for both the trainee and trainer. How do we bridge the gap of knowledge?   In this study day we use the creative arts as a bridge to explore both the gap and the land on either side of the bridge, with the aim of improving our knowledge and gaining tools to use in practice.  Please note each arts seminar covers a different subject,


Helping Trainees Prepare for the AKT


Neal Maskrey and Nick Price will build on their experience of running face to face AKT Preparation Courses for Trainees and Trainers, using a combination of group discussion on Zoom, with self-guided use of their www.AKTPrep.co.uk resource.  This will include the opportunity to go through a Mock AKT paper, reflect on key resources, and access to a range of video, PowerPoint and workbooks on Evidence Based Medicine.

Wednesday 7th October 2020

The new RCS Assessment


How to prepare trainees for the new RCA assessment Tips on best ways of preparing trainees, useful learning resources.  Opportunity for Q and A


A History of General Practice 1704-1952


A History of General Practice 1704-1952    From the Rose Case through to the founding of the NHS...a journey from the origins of the Surgeon Apothecary through to the General Practitioner at the time of the founding of the NHS.   


GP Training for Non-Trainers


Training for GP Non-Trainers. A course for any GP: •Who works in a training practice • Is interested in becoming a GP trainer • Just wants to know more about GP training


Planetary Health in the GP curriculum


Brief description of the course: What is planetary health? (Impact of Climate and ecological emergency on health and co-benefits to health of acting on climate crisis)  What is the carbon footprint of primary care and how this is linked with good clinical practice.   What are the links between the Covid-19 crisis and planetary health?  What are the potential challenges to established practice posed by the climate and ecological crisis?  How has the response of primary care in UK to Covid-19 affected the knowledge skills and approach of UK GPs to their work  


Teaching Philosophical Bioethics

Timings TBC

Would you like to learn more about medical ethics?  Would you like to be more confident teaching medical ethics to your trainees?  Would you like to discover more about the ethics of end of life care?  In the first half we look at discovering your moral compass and examine competing theories and principles governing medical ethics.  We examine some practical case histories from 3 major ethical perspectives.  In the second half we examine the theory of euthanasia and the dilemmas that occur with end-of-life decisions. 


The Times They Are a 'changing' - Does Resilience Have a Place in Training?


Have you ever had a Trainee who struggles with Resilience? This course will be an informal Zoom based facilitated discussion around the subject of Resilience. We will touch on our own personal experiences of this topic and reflect on how to help ourselves and trainees to develop their own Resilience.

Thursday 8th October 2020

GP Autumn School: How to help your trainee pass the RCA


A half day course designed to cover all aspects of the RCA exam


Teaching safe & effective delegation in primary care


This interactive session will consider how healthcare professionals can effectively delegate work to non-physicians in primary care. In the first part we will discuss the regulatory landscape for delegation and in the second part we will consider tools which might be useful when discussing delegation of clinical duties with trainees and colleagues.  Delegates are asked to identify and bring with them examples of situations where they have felt uncomfortable with delegation of clinical tasks as well as situations where they have felt it has worked well for discussion.


GP Foundation Trainers' CPD half-day session - Foundation training in primary care in the COVID-19 context


This half-day remote event for GP Foundation Trainers will be focused on sharing best practice and peer learning regarding delivering meaningful GP-based FY2 clinical education in the 'new normal' of COVID-19 primary care practice. We will cover: telephone consultation skills for the FY2 trainee new to primary care; video consultation skills for the FY2 trainee new to primary care; safe induction processes for FY2 trainees; and, how to utilise the whole practice team in FY2 training.


Bridging The Culture Gap


An interactive introductory session exploring resources and tools to improve our interactions with GP trainees from diverse cultural backgrounds.


Maintaining the Art of General Practice- The Power of Words


As we come to terms with learning to communicate in a distanced, impersonal and two-dimensional world, words are of even greater importance. In this seminar we explore how the creative arts can be used as a powerful tool for teaching about the interpretation of descriptive words which patients and doctors use to paint their picture and compose their narrative.  Please note each arts seminar is on a different theme.     


Rank and Power Dynamics - an uncomfortable issue in GP Training?


A One-day course that explores how power and authority come into the trainer/ trainee relationship. Often ignored, or even undiscussable, rank and power dynamics have a significant influence on our relationships in medicine. For trainees rank and power dynamics can be confusing and difficult to manage. This workshop will give trainers insight into these dynamics so that they can in turn assist their trainees to navigate this issue.


Drowning in the sea of change: understanding the new WPBA for 2020


So much has changed in this past few months and now we have yet another thing we have to think about. A whole new Trainee portfolio and a very different set of WPBA requirements we need to be able to inform our trainees about.     Don’t worry there is a lifeboat!     This session to give you everything you need to know about the updates to WPBA requirements for all ST years and how they fit into their training.  Answer questions about WPBA and transitioning over the different schedules.       

Friday 9th October 2020

GP Autumn School: How to help your trainee pass the RCA


A half day course designed to cover all aspects of the RCA exam


Making Decision Better


We expect doctors to be great decision makers. And yet only rarely is "Decision Making" taught / learned as a discrete topic. It's almost as if we expect people to catch on by osmosis or chance.   Yet there is now 30 years of research describing how human beings make decisions. And of course in consultations there are two people involved in the decision making.   Time then to open Pandora's Box on decision making!


Using Educational Theory as a GP Trainer


For many years GP trainers have had to do an educational theory course before approval. This new course offers an opportunity to reflect on how to use these theories in the  day to day training work we do through using the resources  in the established on line Educational Theory for  prospective trainers course and resources and applying these to your training experiences.


The Art of Increasing Resilience and Cultivating Wellbeing in GPs


'Enhance your CPD experience with this unique and compelling resilience course.   Dr Karen Forshaw and Physiotherapist/Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist Chrissie Mowbray will raise your awareness of the importance of resilience in General Practice. They will provide you with the opportunity to improve your self-awareness. You will experience guided meditation and learn mindfulness techniques. You will take away a range of practical skills from which you can create your own bespoke resilience toolkit. You will reduce your risk of burnout and gain a renewed appreciation of the joy of General Practice.'


Teaching Medical Ethics in the Real World

Timings TBC

Medical Ethics is an important area of the Trainee's learning, but many trainers feel under-confident in how to deliver it.  In the first half of this course we examine the Duties of a Doctor; as GPs living in an atmosphere of increasing patient rights, we need to help our trainees understand the underlying principles in order to recognise ethical issues and make consistent moral judgements.    In the second half we look at Distributive Justice in Health Care, as the harsh reality of scarce resources with an ageing population creates difficult moral decisions.  We use real-life ethical dilemmas and examples throughout, with extensive suggestions of how you can teach your trainees.

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