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A short guide to SharePoint


Sharepoint contains  information and news updates that can be used in GP Training

The school has 4 main sites:

GP PGIT - GP PGDiT #Hub Page (

GP Clinical Supervisors - Clinical Supervisor #Hub Page (

Training Programme Director and Faculty Hub (

Primary Care School YH- Hospital Clinical Supervisors - Home (



Make sure you know which e mail you are registered with on the SharePoint Site you are trying to access- this needs to be an one

By its nature you will only be able to access areas that you have been granted access to. As a TPD this should be the TPD, Clinical Supervisor and PGDiT SharePoint.

If you think you should be able to access something you cant then ask for access or e mail
Step by step access guide

Below is brief series of slides that explains how to access


Step one - go to and select log into office 365


Step Two - select sharepoint using 9 dots top left


Step 3- select the site you want or search for it. Or use links above.


Step 4 - 'follow; that site and bookmark it

SharePoint Essentials