ARCP, Revalidation and Appraisal


Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

The ARCP is the formal process by which a General Practice Specialty Training Registrar's (GPStR’s) progression through training is reviewed and assessed. The ARCP panel of assessors confirms progress in each of the specialty training years (ST1, ST2 and ST3) and approves progress from one year to another. The final ARCP panel at the end of training will make a recommendation for the award of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT). This recommendation will be based upon evidence that the GPStR has covered the GP curriculum, including satisfactory workplace based assessments, the completion of all components of the MRCGP exam and reports submitted by both their Educational and Clinical Supervisors. The Panel Chair will sign off the ARCP form for approval by the RCGP.

Deaneries are given the responsibility for ensuring that all General Practice Specialty Training Registrars (GP StRs) undertaking the new curriculum are assessed by formal ARCP.

The ARCP process is mandatory and must be undertaken by all GPStRs at least once every 12 months. A trainee on a 3 year full time training programme which commences in August will have an annual ARCP review in July in ST1 and ST2 and in June in ST3. An ARCP panel also has to be held at the transition from one training year to the next, which for some trainees may require more than one ARCP panel review in a year.


For successful sign off at the final ARCP panel in ST3, the trainee must have passes in AKT and CSA. Where trainees fail one of these elements they may be offered additional training time by the ARCP panel in order to take and pass the failed exam. The panel would normally expect a trainee to have re-taken any failed component at least once during thir ST3 year. The Educational Supervisor and Training Programme Director should be closely involved in decision making, in the rare circumstance where a failed exam component is not re-taken in ST3.

Trainee ePortfolios must be complete, ready for review no later than 14 calendar days before the date of the ARCP panel review.  This means that all required WPBA must have been completed, including a CSR for every post in (note as ST2 comprises 3 x 4 months posts for a full time trainee, 3 CSRs are required), the ESR must be present and any future OH shifts booked must be recorded.

Trainees do not have to attend local ARCP panel (held by the scheme) reviews but if the local panel is unable to give you a Satisfactory Progress outcome, you will be referred to a panel held by Health Education Yorkshire & the Humber and must usually attend this in person.  See dates below.

For full information on the process and appeals procedure, visit the HE Yorkshire & the Humber website at:

Local ARCP Panel Dates

Please note that as set out in the Gold Guide, your ePortfolio must be complete ready for review no later than 2 weeks before the date of your ARCP panel review, ie there must be a completed ESR, CSR (unless the post is only partially completed), all required WPBA and NOE evidence.  Some leeway may be given for ad-hoc panels.

Dates for the majority of Sheffield GPSTP trainees are as follows - see Trainee ARCP Panel Dates document in ARCP Downloads section below to check on what date your panel will take place.  Due to number of trainees to be reviewed at the summer and winter panels, there are 2 or 3 panels taking place on the June, July and January dates.

  • 10 May 2018

  • 7 June 2018 - ST3 trainees who complete training on or before 6 August 2018

  • 27 June 2018 - day 1 of panels for the majority of ST1/2 trainees and ST3 trainees who complete training on or before 26 August 2018 - deadline date 24 May 2018

  • 5 July 2018 - day 2 of panels for the majority of ST1/2 trainees and ST3 trainees who complete training on or before 4 September 2018 - deadline date 21 June 2018

  • 10 January 2019 - transition panels for February starters, annual or final panels for other trainees - deadline date 27 December 2018

Ad-hoc panels will be held as follows - you and your ES will be notified in good time if your ePortfolio is to be reviewed at any of these panels:

  • 27 September 2018

  • 15 November 2018

HE Yorkshire & The Humber ARCP Panel Dates

Dates of these panels are as follows but please be aware these are subject to change:

  • 9 March 2018

  • 28 March 2018

  • 10 April 2018

  • 21 and 26 June 2018

  • 19 and 24 July 2018

Revalidation and Form R

You will be asked to complete a Form R Part B no earlier than 6 weeks before your ARCP panel takes place.  The Form R must also be uploaded to a Professional Conversation log entry in your ePortfolio.

If the Form R completed electronically and submitted by e-mail, a typed signature is acceptable.  If the Form R is submitted as a paper copy, it must bear your signature. 


If at ARCP you have not provided a completed Form R and uploaded to your ePortfolio, you will be given an ARCP Outcome 5. If this is a local scheme panel the Deanery will be informed. You will then be sent a notification letter (initial Outcome 5 letter for not producing Form R) by a member of Programme Support staff at the Deanery and given 2 weeks to complete and submit the Form R. This letter will be copied to the Revalidation Manager.

If after 2 weeks no Form R is received, the Programme Support staff will notify the Revalidation Manager, who in turn will escalate this matter to the Postgraduate Dean and Responsible Officer for revalidation. Failure to engage in the professional requirements of revalidation may put your NTN at risk.

Full information on Revalidation arrangements and paperwork in Yorkshire & the Humber can be found at:

There is also information on revalidation for doctors in training on the GMC website at:

Sheffield GPSTP Appraisal Arrangements

All doctors working in the NHS are required to have an annual appraisal but the situation is slightly different for doctors in training.

It is now accepted that the ES review/ARCP process fulfils this role for trainees, particularly with the introduction of the Form R.  In terms of revalidation, there is no requirement for GP trainees to have an appraisal and the GMC recognises that there is a different system for trainees and all they have to do is comply with their training requirements. ARCP is the review vehicle.

As you are aware, it is very important your PDP should address learning needs for the first year post-CCT - this means that specific action plans must be included in your final ESR so that information can be carried over into future appraisals.

HEE Yorkshire & The Humber still recommends, from an educational perspective, that during their training, GP trainees have some practice at appraisal and develop an understanding of what is involved, therefore  training on the appraisal process will be included in the Thursday teaching timetable for Hospital Group trainees and in ST3 you will take part in peer trio appraisals with your colleagues.

To obtain a copy of the latest appraisal paperwork, please contact Sue Gumley.

There is information about appraisal on the BMA website at: